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There were a lot of shocks in the Season 6 finale of Game of Thrones, so many in fact that we simply had to put some to one side, while we dealt with the big issues, such as Jon Snow's true parentage.

However now that a few days have passed and the dust from the destroyed King's Landing is settling, we can go back and reinvestigate some of those moment. Chief on that list? What exactly does that great hulking reanimated beast of a man known as the Mountain look like under his golden helmet?!

Viewers will be hard pressed to forget the vicious battle between Ser Gregor Clegane and Oberyn Mertell back in the Season 4 episode "The Mountain and The Viper." While it looked as though both parties ended up dead (Clegane due to being stabbed with a poisoned spear, and Oberyn, well because his head sort of exploded), in Season 5 it was revealed that the Mountain had actually been reanimated by Qyburn into some sort of zombie-esque Lurch character.

The new Mountain [HBO]
The new Mountain [HBO]

Constantly decked out in a rather fetching golden suit of armor, the only real indication that something was a little off about the Mountain was his silent nature, and his creepy bloodshot eyes. But in the season finale we finally got a little clue as to what horrors lay beneath his golden helmet when he finally removed it in order to begin torture on Septa Unella. However, due to to tricky lighting we didn't exactly get a proper look at the Mountain's face until now.

Some clever fans have worked some image editing magic on that dimly lit scene, and now we can finally lay eyes the Mountain's mangled face in all its glory. Behold:

That poor, poor Septa. (Not really though, that woman was horrible.)

Now that the Mountain's face has been revealed to us, and Cersei is queen, perhaps in Season 7 we'll get to lay eyes on his rotting visage bathed in light. Would you be bold enough to look?

Is the Mountain's face enough to get you to confess?


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