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I know it's kind of lame to admit you're jealous of someone's friendship circle, but the squad goals oozing from Ariana Grande's epic 23rd birthday tribute would have even the staunchest of Gryffindor's looking for a way to slyther-in.

Harry Potter as Eminem via
Harry Potter as Eminem via

When stumped with what to gift the girl who has everything, Grande's pals decided not to spend all their sickles and knuts on something she already has and made her this epic Harry Potter rap instead, featuring bars like, "I don't know much about Harry Potter but I know you like that shit, I don't know much about Harry Potter but I know it's probably lit. It's your birthday, it's your month, let's get Harry Potter druuuunk."

Grande captioned the post:

Wow my friends know me so damn well. Thank you for the most ridiculous/most amazing/campiest birthday gift.

These guys are keepers, eh?


Anyway, as if one sick Harry Potter rap would ever be enough to properly celebrate this Dangerous Woman's birthday, the date was marked additionally with a Victorious crew reunion! Her former co-star Daniella Monet (Trina Vega) took to Instagram this Tuesday to mark the occasion with the nostalgia-inducing moment:

While Grande shared a video of Jogia and Bennett, captioning it with “I will forever and ever love these two w all my heart.”

Aw <3

Feel free to pen your own Harry Potter rap in the comments below!


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