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Now that The Conjuring has gotten its own sequel, it's time to give its spin-off, Annabelle, the same treatment. Annabelle 2 will unpack even more of the disturbing doll's origin story. The new plot follows the story of a dollmaker and his wife. After losing their own daughter, they take in a nun and several orphaned girls that then become the victims of the dollmaker's possessed collection. That's right: It's not just one possessed doll this time. There are many.

14-year-old Talitha Bateman (Hart Of Dixie, The 5th Wave) has just signed on to play the lead role of one of the orphan girls. Just in case you had any doubts about this girl's ability to get into character, here she is looking less than thrilled in the company of some dolls. (These aren't the same dolls from the set, but you get the idea.)

That face says it all.

There's also this foreboding photoshop job:

Bateman is already hard at work filming on the set of Annabelle 2 in LA, but she did find time to post a few snaps from the set:

Gary Dauberman, who penned the script for the original Annabelle, will be returning as screenwriter, and David F. Sandberg will be directing. Annabelle 2 is slated to hit theaters on May 19, 2017.

If you haven't seen Annabelle yet, check out the trailer now:

Source: Talitha Batemen via Instagram, Deadline


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