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You will have undoubtedly noticed the prevalence of superhero films coming out of Hollywood in recent years, from the Christopher Nolan's phenomenally successful Batman trilogy through to the new Suicide Squad film, due out in August. This trend shows no signs of slowing either, with a plethora of new and rebooted heroes coming to our screens in the coming months and years.

The popularity of superhero franchises - most notably those from the Marvel and DC Universes - has led to a wealth of content focusing on the likes of Iron Man, Superman, Batman and a huge number of other big names. It's no surprise, as brands all over the world look to leverage the global popularity of these names in order to push their own businesses online, but while it may be seen as a rather cynical marketing ploy by some, it has also resulted in some truly interesting and engaging infographics, videos, blog posts and analysis.

The Theory Is All About Color Choice

One such piece of content comes from Cartridge People, who have examined the theory behind the way superheroes (and villains) are colored by their creators, and what these color choices say about our favorite characters. The infographic, entitled 'Superhero Color Theory: The Ultimate Guide', does a fantastic job of analyzing and explaining the complex theories behind the use of color in superhero canon:

Superhero color infographic from Cartridge People
Superhero color infographic from Cartridge People

What color would your superhero (or villain) outfit be?


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