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This Fall, the greatest event in DC Comics history will grace our television screens, Flashpoint is coming to the Flarrowverse! The Season 2 finale of Flash saw everyone's favorite hero/terrible time-traveler completely alter the timeline by saving his mother from death at the hands of the Reverse Flash.

While you would think saving his mother from an early demise would be a good thing for Barry, it turns out that it might have made things even more complicated. The finale ended with a past version of the Flash disappearing from time, leaving viewers (and Barry) completely clueless as to what to expect next season.

With the timeline completely altered, things will likely be extremely different when the upcoming season premieres this October. Team Flash might be different, Barry might not be the Flash, there might not even be a Flash at all! The possibilities are endless! However, thanks to a recent casting update, we may have gotten a little more info on what we can expect in Flash Season 3.

Tom Felton Is Coming To The Flash!

That's right, Draco Malfoy himself is joining the cast of Flash Season 3! Tom Felton will reportedly be a series regular, joining actors like Grant Gustin, Danielle Panabaker, Carlos Valdes, and more!

Details on Felton's role are slim, but he'll apparently be portraying a CSI at the Central City Police Department, alongside Barry Allen. Felton's character, Julian Dorn, will attempt to figure out what Barry is hiding, whilst hiding some secrets of his own.

Julian Dorn isn't the name of any big character from the comics; he is instead an original character created for the show. Or at least, that's what the writers of Flash would have you believe. After two seasons full of shocking reveals, Flash fans have learned that not everything is what it seems, and that a character's "name" isn't always their true identity. Because of this, I have reason to believe that "Julian Dorn" is a lot more than meets the eye.

Could Tom Felton Be Playing A Major DC Villain?

The description for Felton's character makes it sound like he'll be attempting to get really close to Barry Allen. Close enough to find out his biggest secret, that's he's the Flash. This, of course, assuming that Barry is still Flash. The description doesn't tell us much about the personality of Felton's character, and he may just be a good guy who doesn't believe that Barry is all that he says is.

However, I have reason to believe that Julian Dorn is, or will become, a major villain during the third season of Flash. Putting aside the fact that Tom Felton almost always plays the antagonist in films, his characters description sounds like it could be related to a fairly new DC comics villain.

Godspeed: The Evil Speedster!

If you haven't been up to date in the world of comics, DC Comics has just recently begun a new event that they're calling DC Rebirth. To put it short, DC Rebirth is a sort of, but not really, reboot of the DC Comics line, showing our favorite heroes having to deal with an unseen force that has completely changed their world.

Among those changes is the disappearance of characters, the reappearance of others (such as Wally West, who was absent during the New 52 timeline), and the addition of completely new characters.

One such character is Godspeed, an all new speedster introduced in the Flash: Rebirth storyline. The secret identity of Godspeed is August Heart, an officer for the CCPD.

So why do I think Tom Felton could be bringing Godspeed to the Flash series? Well, there's the fact that both he and August Heart are close friends and partners with Barry Allen. Of course, August is a cop in the comics, while Felton's character will be a member of the CSI. But that still doesn't exactly rule him out as Godspeed.

What really convinces me however, is how Felton's character is described. As I said earlier, his character will be investigating Barry Allen to find out what he's hiding, but he'll also have some secrets of his own.

In the comics, August Heart's brother was killed, and the killer got away. August eventually found the killer, or killers, in the form of a mysterious organization known as the Black Hole. He catches them robbing Star Labs, and notices that their symbol looks exactly like the one found near his brother's crime scene. It's shortly after this that a Speed Force storm causes August to get hit by the same kind of energy Barry was hit with.

DC Comics. Joshua Williamson. Carmine Di Giandomenico
DC Comics. Joshua Williamson. Carmine Di Giandomenico

So what's that got to do with Tom Felton's character, Julian Dorn? I believe that Dorn has the same motivations as August Heart. Of course, August didn't keep his dreams of catching his brother's killer a secret, they might change that for television.

We already know that Felton's character is the investigative type. I think his arc will feature him trying to figure out what's going on with Barry Allen while also secretly continuing the case of finding his brother's killer.

Godspeed appearing in the third season of Flash is entirely plausible, what with Grant Gustin himself saying that more speedsters in the show is bound to happen. Tom Felton's character certainly sounds like he'll be more than just a side character, and I wouldn't be surprised if he turned out to be the big bad of the season.

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