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OK, I'm sure I'm not the only person who is missing Game of Thrones right now, right? I'm currently watching, History and Lore, from each season's Blu-ray on You Tube while waiting for season 7. I was watching an episode last night and something hit me.

No, I didn't figure out the last Targaryen. It's obvious Tyrion. Aerys had a thing for Joanna Lannister, and Tywin Lannister was the King's Hand for 20 years. I'm sure Joanna spent the majority of her time at Casterly Rock, but also, I'm sure she visited. Plus, I can't be the only one to find it out quite odd that his father tells him on multiple occasions that he's not his son. It's definitely curious.

The Night's King
The Night's King

So, what the hell am I referring to? I don't care how Euron and Cersei die in the upcoming seasons. I don't care about Littlefinger's plan to harm Jon Snow. I'm not worried about Dany's big entrance while she commences invading Westeros. Don't get me wrong, I want to see all of this! Besides the last dragon rider: I care about the White Walkers and Bran!


That's right! How many bloody White Walkers are there behind the Wall? Traditionally, we only see four of them, including the Night's King. Am I the only person to never consider this? The Children of the Forest probably only made the Night's King, and he created the rest, right? Probably not and that's terrifying. How many did they create to protect the forest from Bran -- I mean, men.

Last night, I watched Hardhome again -- this thought occurred when Jon struck down the White Walker with ease at the battle of Hardhome. They've had around 8,000 years to accumulate an army to take back the land from the First Men, and I'm not entirely sure how accurate those numbers actually are.

Jaherys Targaryen?
Jaherys Targaryen?

We know that Dragonglass and Valyrian Steel can kill White Walkers. Well, Westeros is might lucky that there are three dragons heading their way! Can dragon fire kill them? I don't think so, it just seems too easy, and that's not Game of Thrones' style. But I could be wrong; everyone knew that the Vale was going to ride in to save Jon.


Will Samwell be the hero of the story? Old Town would be the perfect place to find out more information about these wretched beasts. How many White Walkers are there behind the Wall? Could this be one of the biggest surprises next season? I'd love hear what you think down in the comments section!