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Much like the nightmare stalker himself, the Nightmare on Elm Street franchise is one that just keeps on ticking. 30 years later, A Nightmare on Elm Street manages to stay relevant, even with the announcement of a reboot in the works just five years after the 2010 reboot (which was largely panned by fans, critics and even Robert Englund himself). However, the most recent developments to come out of the NOES franchise emerged earlier this year in the form of a previously unreleased deleted scene where Nancy learns a startling truth: She wasn't an only child. Check out the game-changing reveal in its entirety below:

Suddenly, Nancy's hatred towards Freddy just got a whole lot more personal. Knowing that she once had a brother or sister that became one of Freddy's victims adds a new layer to her already bitter feud with Freddy. While this revelation was a total mind-bender, we're left wondering if and how this scene will affect the franchise, especially as New Line Cinema is lining up to completely overhaul the franchise. Let's take a look at a few ways this new information could shake up the NOES franchise.

Could We See This Brought Up In A Reboot?

If New Line Cinema is choosing to largely ignore the 2010 reboot, then they could very well embrace this newfound knowledge, weaving it directly into the plot of the story. In a way, this could give us an (almost) new Nightmare on Elm Street that pushes a more revenge tale entrenched within a bizarre nightmare world.

And perhaps a new direction is exactly what the franchise needs, as the 2010 remake fell short in realizing a creative nightmare realm that delivered legitimate scares.

How Could This Change The Plot?

Freddy's new 'gloves' in 'Nightmare 3: Dream Warrior'
Freddy's new 'gloves' in 'Nightmare 3: Dream Warrior'

Robert Englund has mentioned that a possible reboot idea could combine Nightmare 4: The Dream Master with Nightmare 3: Dream Warriors. In Nightmare 3, we see Nancy teaching the children at Westin Hills Mental Institution how to use their dream powers to combat Freddy. If Nancy were to discover her dream powers earlier, perhaps we could see a potential team-up between her and the other vengeful siblings (Glen, Rod and Tina — well, maybe not Tina) as they battle Freddy in the dream world. Their fight would feel all the more justified knowing that they are avenging the deaths of their siblings.

How Could This Change Nancy?

Nancy is a bad b*tch / 'Nightmare on Elm Street'
Nancy is a bad b*tch / 'Nightmare on Elm Street'

Now that our lead protagonist has much more of a reason to want Freddy dead, we could very well see her becoming a much more empowered character. This knowledge could redefine her, giving her character a tougher edge that would make her a much more formidable adversary against Freddy. After all, who wouldn't want to see little Nancy Thompson go full berserker rage on Freddy after realizing her own dream powers?

It's Gonna Affect The Adults Too

If the new reboot embraces this knowledge, it could also mean we see Nancy's family play bigger role as well. We could see the film stepping back further into the Nightmare timeline, allowing characters like Marge and Don to be more important players. We could see their struggle in dealing with the death of their first child and their ultimate decision to destroy Freddy, leading into the events of the original Nightmare story.

Overall, It May Give Us The Darker Story That We Want

Robert Englund's Freddy will always be the wise-cracking jokester that slashed us to bits with laughter, but as we saw the 2010 reboot attempt, a more serious, edgy, Nightmare on Elm Street may be what the franchise needs to remain successful for a new audience. Arming Nancy with this terrible truth about her sibling would give her a much grittier edge, creating an atmosphere of anger and revenge that would create a new mood for A Nightmare on Elm Street.

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