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Every kid has a dream. Some kids want to be actors, others musicians, and some comedians. Donald Glover on the other hand, grew up to be a combination of all three, and even more. With a rapping career under the stage name Childish Gambino, appearances in movies such as Magic Mike XXL, The Martian, the comedy series Community, and the upcoming FX series, Atlanta, Donald McKinley Glover has made quite a name for himself throughout pretty much every aspect of entertainment. If you're a fan of Donald Glover, like myself, you'll be interested to find out 10 facts about him that you probably didn't know.

1. He Got The Stage Name 'Childish Gambino' From A Name Generator

Yes, that's right, Donald Glover's infamously unusual rapper name was not one that he made up himself, but one that was randomly given to him from Wu-Tang name generator. I tried it out, but "Shriekin’ Leader" doesn't sound quite as good.

Try it out for yourself: Wu-Tang Name Generator

2. He Was Born On An Air Force Base

Donald Glover was born at Edwards Air Force Base in California, on September 25, 1983. He was raised Stone Mountain Georgia but now resides in Los Angeles.

3. He Is Often Confused For Danny Glover's Son

When people hear the name "Glover," some assume that that must mean that Donald Glover is movie actor Danny Glover's son. That, however, is not the case. Donald was born to Donald Sr. and Beverly Glover.

4. He DJs Under The Name 'mcDJ'

As well as being a successful rapper, actor and comedian, Donald Glover also DJs under the name "mcDJ," Which is pronounced M-C-D-J.

5. He Inspired The Look For The Miles Morales Version Of Spider-Man

Back before the release of The Amazing Spider-Man, there was a movement for Donald to play an African-American version of the webslinger. This movement was known as . Although the movement gained popularity, he was unfortunately never given an audition and the role was given to Andrew Garfield. It has also been revealed that Donald Glover inspired the look for the new Spider-Man, Miles Morales. He's been cast for Spider-Man: Homecoming; whether or not he'll be playing Miles Morales is up for debate.

6. He Was A Jehovah's Witness

As a child, Donald Glover was raised a Jehovah's Witness. He has described it as a "strange religion," but I think it is pretty obvious by his music and comedy that he isn't a Jehovah's witness anymore.

7. He Loves To Cook

As well as many other talents, Donald Glover also loves to cook. His favorite dish to make is Ossobuco, which is an Italian dish with veal.

8. He Was Voted 'Most Likely To Write For The Simpsons In High School

Although he never went on to write for The Simpsons, he did do a fair amount of writing for the comedy, 30 Rock, which helped boost his comedy and acting career.

9. He Likes To Sing Karaoke

His favorite karaoke song is "Kiss From A Rose," which is a song by Seal, and was featured on the Batman Forever soundtrack.

10. He Has A Favorite Lyric From His Music

Donald has stated that his favorite lyric from his music is:

"Cause I ain't Mumford / I ain't tryin' to have sons / All I wanted was / Some more like Ashton."


How many of these facts did you know about Donald Glover?


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