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Frank Grillo recently visited Conan O'Brien's talk show CONAN, to give us a little taste of nostalgia. The actor made sure to address a certain scuffle in 2014s hit, Captain America: Winter Soldier.

Grillo On CONAN

He came bearing a gift. A little bit of interesting information from a particular scene, which included six large men cramped inside an elevator. Remember Captain America and then, Brock Rumlow (Crossbones) fighting? Well, apparently those were real punches being thrown between the two actors. Here's what Grillo has to say about the brawl.

The scene took six days to film in Winter Soldier. It's not mentioned how long his one-on-one round with Captain America went in Civil War, but it's surely another monumental moment between the two. And possibly another real fight?

Not only did he bring himself to this night-time talk show, he also made his way over to the daytime show, Good Morning America with more to discuss.

Grillo On Good Morning America

During an interview with the morning show, Frank Grillo was able to talk about the chances of his character Crossbones still being alive in the MCU. Even when the character's fate seems bleak, after igniting the bomb across his chest.

Over the course of the entire MCU, his character has only appeared twice on screen. His first appearance was the unscarred Hydra official in Captain America: Winter Soldier, then again as Crossbones in Captain America: Civil War. Though he wasn't granted much screen time in the latter film due to its compaction, he was still given an amazing—sorry—another amazing fight scene in the franchise. Here's what he mentions:

You think he dies, don't you? Did you see the body? What did you see?

The actor definitely has a point. We were only able to see Scarlet Witch levitate the villain, while fully aflame, and launching him through a building. What remains, if any, was left ambiguous. But to see the actor express his view on the character as if he's still breathing, adds to the possibility of his return. We did see him survive a collapsing building in the previous film. Why not a fully detonated, close range, concealed bomb attached to his body? Not like it would kill him or anything.

You can catch a lot more of these hilarious interviews between the host, Conan O'Brien and celebrities on his TBS show CONAN, and can watch Good Morning America every morning on ABC.

Do you think Frank Grillo's and Anthony Mackie's fight was real?


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