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2016 has been a great year for movie lovers. Specifically for those who love sequels. Unless of course you're thinking of Alice Through The Looking Glass. No film sequel this year has recieved greater acclaim or a surprising amount of financial success as Disney/Pixar's Finding Dory. Included in that film's soundtrack is a brand new rendition of the Nat King Cole song, fittingly titled "Unforgettable", by the legendary Sia.

The eccentric songstress performed the song live on The Ellen Show, you can check out that breathtaking performance below.

The Debate: Should The Song Be Allowed To Compete at the 2017 Oscars?

Pros: Sia's version of the song is, without a doubt, the most beautiful rendition I've ever heard. And it's also exactly the type of song the Academy loves to toss awards at. It's aligned with a Disney/Pixar film, it's a surefire hit for the show to be sung by an incredible live performer, and they could even mix it up a little when they ask Sia to perform by adding it to the In Memoriam tribute during the show.

Cons: One that comes to mind is the obvious amount of backlash the Academy will recieve. They'll either be told they're whitewashing another category or just being lazy with their selections. In any case, it wont matter. People will find any reason to be offended or complain about things that just shouldn't be taken so ludicrously seriously.

My Closing Argument

The Oscars don't shy away from remakes of movies, why should they turn their heads when it comes to songs? Sia created an undeniable impact on Finding Dory's mesmorizing soundtrack. She took a classic tune and made the song her own. Not to mention, Sia is one helluva live artist. It's a true treasure to see her take the stage for any occasion. It is because of this that I strongly believe she should be allowed to compete at next year's show.


Should the Oscars consider allowing cover songs to compete at the show?


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