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Imagifearing A Real Life Version of The Walking Dead:

Have you ever longed for that skin ripping, blood squirting sound a Zombie makes as it tears flesh from the living? Do you find yourself yearning for those cozy family moments in front of the TV every Sunday night? You, the Mrs. and the kids eating popcorn while savoring the sounds of crunching bones right up to TWD's last episode. But what now? You're just sitting in front of a blank screen crying over who got Lucille'd?

Have no fear! The rush of adrenaline shall soon spike again with the anticipation of death around every corner. Only this time, the death might be yours. Because in just 3 short days, The Walking Dead's terrifying new attraction might become the last dinner party you ever attend.

So take a moment. Calm your nerves and press play for a first glimpse of this pulse pounding experience before it opens to the public on July 4th, 2016:

Not Just Another House of Horror

By now you are probably realizing Universal Studios didn't just throw together another 'haunted house' or 'undead prison'. This frighteningly realistic and painstaking endeavor was two years in the making. The combined Universal - AMC team spared no effort and no expense to develop a truly apocalyptic Zombie infested world.

This experience will not only immerse you in a version of the Walking Dead's hell-risen nightmarish universe, it will be an extension to that universe. Be prepared for surprises. And expect the unexpected.


So you have seen the sneak peek. What did you think?

Can I expect Any Memorable Scenes or Easter Eggs?

While it is always prudent to prepare for heart stopping terror around every corner, there are a few iconic thrills from the past such as:

  • The Cabin Daryl Burned Down; Using faux fire effects, you will watch the cabin go up in realistic flames and even feel the heat on your skin
  • Negen's gruesome barb-wire bat, Lucille
  • The prison and the hospital, each with its own great surprises
  • Michonne’s katana
  • Many iconic zombies and familiar faces
The Walking Dead: Photos by Getty Images/Rueters/AP
The Walking Dead: Photos by Getty Images/Rueters/AP

Halloween Horror Nights Expanded: Night of The 'Homo Coprophagus Somnambulus'

And with Universal's annual HHNs coming up, you will also be seeing zombies roaming the park. Expect to be overrun by real life zombie herds banging at the gates and creeping dark corners just in time for jump scares. Overall 2016's Halloween Horror Nights should have your entire body shuddering at the thought of walkers, lurkers and crawlers around every corner. And if you feel something icky at your feet, make sure to check for entrails.

The Walking Dead: Photos by Getty Images/Rueters/AP
The Walking Dead: Photos by Getty Images/Rueters/AP
“We’re taking its intensity to the next level by collaborating with the show’s award-winning production team to create an authentic living representation of the series that can only be experienced at Universal Studios Hollywood.” -Larry Kurzweil, President, Universal Studios Hollywood

To Sum up: This 'Ain't Your Usual Fright Fest'

Whether a die hard TWD fan, a horror buff or park enthusiast, this experience will certainly tide you over until Season 7's premiere in October.

And considering some of the major talents behind the attraction's creation including Chris Williams (Art Director) and John Murdy (Creative Director), You'll just have to consider yourself lucky if you get out with your skin intact.

Sanctuary: Photos by Getty Images/Rueters/AP
Sanctuary: Photos by Getty Images/Rueters/AP


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