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Because Season 6 just ended, I decided to create a list of the best moments from the show so far. Please don’t get mad if your favourite moment doesn’t make to the top 10 (or the honorable mentions) because I had a hard time choosing our of all the best moments. If you disagree, why not let me know in the comments section with your own suggestion! Oh, and if you're not up to date with the show: Be warned, there will be a lot of deaths!

Here are some honorable mentions:

  • The Hound wants chicken (feat. Arya)
  • Bran falls of the tower
  • The Hound vs Brienne of Tarth
  • The birth of the Dragons
  • The Blackwater’s Wildfire explosion
  • Cersei sits in the Iron Throne and becomes the Queen of Westeros

With those out of the way, let's get down to the top ten greatest Game of Thrones so far!

10. Dracarys!

There is no better way to start the list with some Dragon action! The reason why this scene was so good was mainly due to the epic quote of Daenerys but the rest was pretty awesome too, from her revealing that she speeks Valaryan all the way to the departure of her new army to Westeros. I still get chills from watching it!

9. Hodor’s Death

So as you know this is a recent moment and it shocked everybody just like every death does but this one, particularly, impacted me a lot emotionally. Nobody expected this to happen, not only the death itself but why and how, so I think this is a solid spot. Also, this season was one of the best from GOT and this moment is one of the most impactful!

8. The Night King “Raises” The Dead

Another huge battle unfolded (in season 5) and this time it was against the White Walkers and man was it sweet. We had another set of cool fight sequences and more of the scary “beasts” who we love to see on the small screen (most of the times). By the end, we had an awesome shot with the Night King bringing back the dead to life as Jon Snow looks petrified. Again, epic!

7. The Mountain VS The Viper

You may think that this moment shouldn’t be in the list however it is in this fight that we witness one of the most shocking moments in all of GOT history. Overall, the fight is cool but it is in the end that you open your mouth all the way when out of nowhere the Mountain rises and literally makes the Viper’s head explode. I still remember turning the head and “scream” because as I was watching the scene I already thought that the Viper was going to win, boy was I wrong.

6. Tyrion’s Speech

There is no doubt that Peter Dinklage is a very talented actor and this piece of words just proves it granting him yet another Emmy. Throughout the speech you feel every kind of emotions – excitment, chills, anger, happiness and even motivation for what comes next. Till this day, I still remember every word he said.

5. Ramsay Snow’s Death

Prepare because the death spree is starting ! Also from this season, this scene was the most enjoyable and pleasure moment from GOT for me due to the pain that Ramsay suffered from his own hounds. And another thing that I liked was the dialogue, specially, from Sansa who finally was the dominating person, besides when she walks away and does that grinn is just priceless. I loved it !

4. Joffrey’s Death

This death was probably the most enjoyale for a lot of people and I am not going to lie, it was for me too but not as mucha as Ramsay. Although, it was still a dreadful moment building all the hype (Tyrion’s “slavery” acts) delivering the conclusion that we wanted to see for ages. In addition, it was as realistic as a 'death by poison' scene can get!

3. Ned Stark’s Death

Another unexpected death that pretty much started all of the surprising deaths that came after it and that made the fans afraid for their favourite character’s lifes. For me, it wasn’t so shocking, because since I binge – watched the show 7 months ago this was the only death that I knew that it was going to happen, though it was still a very sad moment and a very important for the whole series.

2. Drogon Rescues Daenerys

It may be to high on the list, in your opinion, however , in my viewing, it was the epic of the epic! First of, a Dragon appeared which is rare, second of, a stunning fight between the Drogon and the Sons of the Harpy occurred and third of, we saw Daenerys ride f*cking Drogon while a confused Tyrion looks at them. Giving props to the music that made the moment even better!

1. The Red Wedding Massacre

Please tell me that you were predicting this scene to be the top one. This was the unpredictable of the unpredictable, I mean people even stopped watching the show because of this. I cried every second that passed and I know that I am not the only one, GOT really surpassed his limits killing of the main hero characters like that but I like that because it is realistic, there is no hero plot protection. It was intense, sad, depressing, hopeless and shocking as hell! Ever since this, I expect everything from GOT and I still do, so don’t be surprised if even Tyrion dies or Jon (for real this time).

What's Your Favorite Game of Thrones Moment?


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