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I'm definitely not the world's biggest movie buff, but I really do love my movies. Especially all the classics from the 80s; Back to the Future, The Karate get the drift. So prior to Al Gore blessing the world with the internet (sarcarsm), fan theories existed, but they didn't come close to how wild and numerous they are today.

You know one movie I never imagined could spawn a fan theory? Ferris Bueller's Day Off! I think it's high time we revisit The Bueller Theory. It follows the split personality theme, like the Harry Potter and Fight Club theories, and it's pretty convincing!

Here it is in a nutshell:

Ferris Bueller is just a figment of Cameron's imagination

Or even better yet, the two of them are really split personalities. Before you laugh it off, just look at the evidence!

Cameron and Ferris are polar opposites

On one hand, you have Ferris, the crazy, care-free nut that comes up with the idea of skipping school. On the other hand, you have Cameron, who follows his father's rules, and is pretty darned uptight.

In fact, boring, uptight Cameron probably has a huge crush on Ferris's girlfriend Sloane, and the only way he can get her is literally in his dreams!

Ferris continually breaks the fourth wall

Really, who does that kind of thing, unless they're just a little unhinged?

Cameron starts the movie sick in bed

What's the main arguing point behind all the “Rick is just in a coma” Walking Dead theorists? Rick is in a coma in a hospital at the beginning of the zompocalypse. Well, so is Cameron? Who's to say this whole day is just him being bored, acting out against his strict father, just in his own head.

Besides, while they're talking on the phone, Ferris tells Cameron him being sick is all in his head. And at one point, Ferris knows what Cameron is thinking, when he says he's dying, even though Cameron never said it out loud!

Wrecking the Ferrari snaps Cameron out of it


It's not until Cameron trashes his dad's Ferrari (in his head, of course) that he finally decides to stick up for himself. At the end of the movie, Cameron calls Ferris (Ferris...Ferrari...hmmm) his hero, after Ferris saves him from drowning:

In Cameron's head, the imaginary Ferris really did save him.

What do you think? Doesn't this theory make you feel a little more sorry for Cameron?

Check out the original theory from 2009 here!


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