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Let's face it, they're awe-inspiring. They remind us of the "do-good" that's instilled in us all while also showing us that there's still hope within the world. Though if I may for a moment ask, are the heroes we've grown to cherish really making things bad to begin with or worse from what they were? Or to put it bluntly...

Do Superheroes Actually Make Things Worse By Creating Supervillains?

© sinccolor DeviantArt
© sinccolor DeviantArt

What's the point of a hero? Obviously to protect us from wrong-doing, harm & in extreme cases (which most all are) death. However villains, the protagonists counterpart, rise from the shadows of the hero when felt threatened or perhaps wanting to put the vigilante in his/her place.

The dream team.
The dream team.

Think about it. We only see the true "freaks," the really dangerous antagonists come fourth when the super-hero has been out in force cleaning up the world. Before the hero was crafted, whether it be from a traumatic experience or an alien that has honed their craft, the opposite masochistic likeness remained at bay or never existed prior to the hero. All there ever seemed to be before the vigilante savior were petty crimes, which could easily be handled by natural authority figures.

Veering Slightly For A Moment

There's also another type of superhero that doesn't exactly fall into this topic and that's of the "anti-hero" type. The Wolverines, Deadpools, Jackie Estacados, etc. you could even consider Batman to fit this mold, depending upon the era. Anyway these characters don't care about many things. They usually have had a horrible childhood and a majority of the time they spend fighting with their own inner demons then they do defending world from villains.

So are super-hero's the problem? Perhaps that's the contradiction we see our favorites so often battle within their own's becoming more and more prevalent in the films we see as well, which makes for more in-depth storytelling.

Which Came First — The Hero Or The Villain?


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