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Matthew Chapman

Bruce Wayne may no longer be Batman, but his legacy lives on. When an assassin begins targeting all of Batman’s past partners, the former Robins must join forces to untangle a mystery that stretches back to the early days of the Dark Knight’s career.

My main exposure to Robin has always been Dick Grayson; the animated series when I was a kid, the Batman movies and even the comics.

I’ve known Dick becomes Nightwing, Jason is Red Hood and Tim is Red Robin but I’ve never seen them in any form.

I’ve come back into reading comics in a huge way recently and have been looking for some new things. So much so that I was going week-to-week looking through all the new releases for new things to get into.

This comic series was one of them.

The joy of coming into this late was being able to read the whole thing in under a week. I’m impatient so not having to wait week-to-week was amazing!

I really liked that the story focused on the Robins – Batman is in it but as flashbacks when each of them was a Robin – as individuals and in a group. The story is also amazing for someone like me who hasn’t read next to nothing about these guys and still managed to learn about their pasts and who they are.

The art is beautiful and crisp. Going through all these comics, I’ve discovered I might be something of a comic art snob and pretty much only like the classic style of art over the gritty type. There are some awesome group shots of the Robins - like the two used above - and also just general great work especially leading in to the final battle.

There are appearances by a lot of the characters in the Batman Universe as well as new characters plus my new favourite: Midnighter!

An awesome series that I will no doubt read again and go in hunt of some more from both the characters, the writer and the artist!


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