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Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Ultimate Edition recently was released on Digital HD. While the Theatrical Cut of the movie was torn apart by critics the Ultimate Cut has been widely been praised by everyone. Even those that bashed the Theatrical Cut originally have seemed to like it. Leaving one to wonder....does Zack Snyder deserve an apology?

Kiss his feet!!!!
Kiss his feet!!!!

Obviously some thinks he does.

With that said some feel that the movie is still not perfect. Which I respond....what movie is perfect? Of course the answer to that would be none. However, one of the biggest complaints about both the Theatrical cut and the Ultimate Edition cut still remains......


People still do not like the fact that Bruce Wayne heard his mothers name and it stopped him from killing Clark. To me personally it made perfect sense. To me it's obvious why the name Martha (his mother's name) would make Bruce Wayne pause. Why doesn't everyone else get it? My conclusion originally was "They are all idiots"!

Say idiot; some how Deadpool shows up

Then I realized that I couldn't be the only smart guy left and that maybe the real reason that no one gets it is because...just maybe no one understands the character of Batman and his alter ego....Bruce Wayne.

Most know that Bruce Wayne became Batman because he saw his parents die in the streets of Gotham. The average movie goer looks at Bruce as a man with honor that does not want to see the innocent get hurt. A Zorro sort to speak. And while there is some truth to that most miss the bigger truth and that is that Bruce Wayne is crazy. No seriously....he dresses like a bat. But how did he get this way?

Bat Therapy

While that was a humorous take on Bruce Wayne's condition there has actually been college studies on Batman. Yes real colleges.......

Batman goes to college

So yeah Bruce is nuts.

Just as crazy as his #1 foe....

I get why a non comic book fan would not get why Batman would stop when he hears Martha but for anyone that knows the comics shame on you. The tragedy of Bruce Wayne's parents dying is why he lost his mind and became Batman.

Tragedy caused Bruce to lose his mind

Death is to Batman what flipping a quarter is to Two Face.

Death is the reason in Batman v Superman that Batman wants to kill Superman. Death is the reason that Bruce Wayne was also murdered the knight his parents died and Batman was born.

The Knight Bruce Wayne Died

Please read
Please read

You mention the reason he became Batman and he is going to stop. It is not just any name it is a name that made him Batman.

Why did you say that name!

So those are my thoughts on Martha. I actually thought it was genius because in over 75 years of existence no comic book nor TV show has ever mentioned that their parents had the same name. But what do you think? Please share your thoughts below.


Does Batman not killing Superman because he heard the name Martha make sense?

Do you like the Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Ultimate Edition?


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