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It seems like every state in the US of A has a haunted bridge. Eerily, most of them seem to involve a baby, vengeful mother, or both. Below is a list of just some of them that, if you're ever in the area, you should definitely check out! Just don't scream anything three times, or say that you have their babies, or you might become the next legend attached to that bridge!

This is part 1 of 5 of a series full of ghost stories, from haunted bridges to houses, and forests to amusement parks. One from each state, from Alabama to Wyoming, for that ghost-hunting road trip you know you want to take one day!

States covered in this part are Alabama, Delaware, Indiana, Kansas, Maryland, Mississippi, Pennsylvania and Vermont.

Alabama – Hell's Gate

Location: Oxford

It's said that if you're driving over Hell's Gate Bridge (it's closed to traffic now), stop the car, and glance over your shoulder, you'll see the flaming gates of hell and beyond at the end of the bridge. The legend stems from the 1950s, when a young couple died after their car drove over the side of the bridge. If you're brave enough to actually stop, you might even get an unwanted passenger in your seat, and a wet spot might appear in the passenger's seat, made by the one of the ghosts of the young couple.

If a I saw the gates of hell behind me and a wet ghost in the seat beside me, there would more than likely be a wet spot right where I was sitting.

Delaware – Cry Baby Bridge

Location: Smyrna

What is it with babies and bridges? This cry baby legend is particularly special. Legend says that once upon a time, a teenaged mother gave birth to a deformed baby, and threw him into water at this bridge. If you drive over it, you'll notice quite a few fallen trees. You'll think, man, there are a lot of dead trees that have fallen over here. But you'll be wrong! The babies legs are said to be unearthly strong, and when he misses his mother any particular day, he kicks, screams, and throws such a tantrum that he kicks trees over. I wish I was making this one up.

Other phenomena are more normal for the paranormal; when driving by, doors will lock and windows will roll down by themselves, and cars have been known to roll backwards toward the water on their own. It seems that the ghost baby really wants you to stay and keep it company!

Indiana – Danville Bridge

Location: Danville

If you remember stories from history class in school, you might recall stories about how workers would accidentally fall into the wet concrete. Unable to be rescued, that would be their final resting place. Danville Bridge's story is similar. A construction worker by the name Dad Jones fell into cement, to his death, while the train bridge was being made. Another story comes from a young woman crossing the bridge one night, holding her baby, and being scared by an approaching train. She jumped in, and her and her baby perished.

People hearing a hammer banging on the bridge, and the worker screaming for someone to help him out have been reported, along with crying and moaning from the young mother, searching for her child. Someone even threw in a story of a muddy creature running across the road in front of your car. Can you drive on train bridges? The mystery deepens...

Kansas – Theorosa's Bridge

Location: Near Valley Center

This one is special to me, since I'm from Wichita! I've been to this bridge a couple of times, but can't remember exactly what road it's on. Wiki says 109th St. N. & Meridian, so that sounds good enough to me.

The stories about this bridge are as numerous as you'd expect them to be. One of the most popular versions says that a young woman named Theorosa gave birth to an illegitimate baby. To hide her shame, she throws the baby in the water (what is it with these kinds of stories...sheesh), and jumps in and drowns herself immediately after, out of guilt.

If you're lucky, or unlucky, and you go to the bridge looking for Theorosa's ghost and yell out her name three times, she'll appear and give you such an extreme wedgie, you'll DIE. Actually, it's pretty normal dead-mama-baby-haunted-bridge stuff; balls of light, wails, cold breezes in July, ghostly apparitions of a woman, and if you're really unlucky, Theorosa will show up and try to push you in the water.

Maryland – Governor's Bridge

Location: Bowie

Like Theorosa's Bridge in Kansas, this bridge gets its story from a mother and her baby, this time in the 1930s. The mother, unwed and having just given birth and scared of the repercussions from her family, threw the baby over the side of the bridge. Reports of a baby crying and an apparition of a ghostly car have been heard and seen. Could the ghost mom be driving her ghost car, looking for her ghost baby?

Mississippi – Stuckey's Bridge

Location: Meridian

Usually when you run a business, the prospect of repeat customers is one reason you treat them right, right? Nobody told a man named Stuckey that. Legend says he ran a local inn, and thought it a good idea to rob and murder some of his unlucky guests. Back when the punishment was swift and well-deserved (sometimes), Stuckey got caught one night and was hung from the bridge. His body remained there for several days before someone finally cut him down. It sounds like he's still (get ready for it) hanging around (ohhh yeahhh!), because people have said they have seen his ghost roaming the riverbanks with a lantern. Others have claimed to see a little bit more morbid sight, with his ghost hanging from the bridge, followed by a splashing sound.

Pennsylvania – Sachs Bridge

Location: Gettysburg

During the Battle of Gettysburg, this bridge was said to be the site of a bloody battle, and is haunted by their spirits. One story involves three soldiers who either deserted their unit or were accused of being spies. They were supposedly hung from the beams for their crimes.

If you dare to visit it, you'll possibly be greeted by disembodied voices, apparitions, chills, and maybe even the smell of a pipe being smoked, reportedly by General Lee himself!

Vermont – Emily's Bridge

Location: Stowe

New England may have its share of haunted inns, but it definitely doesn't have a shortage of haunted bridges, either. The Gold Brook covered bridges is known as Emily's Bridge. Bet you can't guess why—hey you got it. Like every other haunted bridge on the planet, the story behind the haunting varies. Both stories I read involve a girl named Emily either killing herself because her lover dumped her, or her groom was a no-show at their wedding, and on her way to bitch him out, she died in a crash at the bridge. Either way, if you're a fella, and you're near that bridge, watch out for crazy, vengeful lady ghosts!

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