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Anyone who's attempted to pry information out of The X-Files creator Chris Carter will tell you it's no small feat, even just to try. The showrunner behind one of the most iconic and beloved sci-fi TV shows of all time has a notable reputation for being tight-lipped about the show that he has said is "basically running through [his] veins" by now. But Carter recently sat down with IndieWire for an interview regarding his beloved series and the potential future he's working to make a reality.

The show has been running through the mind of its fan base since 1992, well over twenty years. It ran for nine original seasons, scored two full-length feature films, and recently had the event series reboot that aired on FOX this past winter.

The Season 10 Cliffhanger Served Two Purposes

Speaking about the Season 10 cliffhanger ending and the prospects for Season 11, Carter revealed they had intentionally decided to stick with the formula that worked so well over the course of the show's original run.

Yeah, we had done that traditionally on the show, and so in keeping with tradition, yes.

But Carter also admitted that he had an ulterior motive in leaving this season on an open-ended note, and that's to entice the network into ordering another season if fans want it.

That’s just me being devious. What it does, for me, is provide the opportunity to promote more “X-Files” episodes, which I think everyone would like — including me, the studio, the network, and the fans.

Chris Carter Still Has Plenty Of Ideas For Future Seasons

When asked about what could possibly come next, Carter spoke about his continuous thought process regarding the show and its characters. He had great admiration for the work he and his cast and crew have done and for the legacy the show has left behind.

As I’ve always done, I continue to collect ideas — thinking about how I would get us off that cliff that we hung people on, including the characters. I think about when it would be done, I think about who I would like to do it with, I think about the prospects of it having any life beyond this rather unexpected life that it’s had. You know, I’ve been working on this show for almost 25 years. A year before anyone else worked on it. So, it’s kind of running through my veins.

He Hopes There Will Be More 'X-Files' To Come

But about what fans can expect in Season 11, or when, Carter's answers grew a bit shorter as he wasn't quite ready to delve too deep into what he has in store. He hopes that having seen the success of the event series, FOX will give him more time, money and episodes to flesh out another season.

I’m excited to see big shapes start to develop. I hope they give me a lot more time to try and write it, but it’s usually the case where you’re always in a rush. It’s a feature of series television.

However the future of The X-Files comes to us, at least we can rest assured that it is in fact coming. The FOX network, Chris Carter, David Duchovny, and Gillian Anderson all seem to be completely on board with the idea and simply cannot wait to step back into the series that blended crime dramas, science fiction, and comedy together in a way that no show has quite been able to replicate since.

What would you like to see from the future The X-Files? Sound off with your thoughts in the comments section below!

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