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Returning for a second bloody season this September is Fox’s campy slasher-comedy Scream Queens. A satirical homage to '80s and '90s horror, Scream Queens is loaded with Easter Eggs, odes and a sense of nostalgia that will satisfy any classic horror fan. Here’s 10 things you probably didn’t know from Season 1:

1. The Role Of Chanel Oberlin Was Written Specifically With Emma Roberts In Mind

Which makes sense. I know I couldn't picture anyone else who could have executed and fried the Mean Girls-esque role nearly as eloquently as she. Always fashionably fierce and hilariously sharp-tongued, Ryan Murphy couldn’t have cast a better Chanel Oberlin than Emma Roberts.

2. Abigail Breslin Was The Youngest Scream Queens Cast Member

At the age of 19 she was the only teenager on the cast of Scream Queens. Opposite of Breslin’s character Chanel #5 was Hester (a.k.a. Chanel #6), and although peers on the show, Hester was played by actress Lea Michele who is indeed 10 years older than Breslin.

3. 'Lite Morsels' Are Chanel's (Only) Food Of Choice

Surviving mainly off cotton balls and dipping sauce as sustenance, you can actually catch the label off Chanel Oberlin’s only stress snack — and it doesn’t disappoint. That’s right, for those moments when Chanel “just can’t,” she can always snack on what I can only imagine are chocolate cookies called Lite Morsels.

4. Billie Lourd Is The Daughter Of The Original Princess Leia, Carrie Fisher

Turns out this doe-eyed cutie is actually the daughter of actress Carrie Fisher. Hilariously wry at all the right times, Lourd even sports earmuffs throughout as an ode to her mother's iconic Princess Leia hairstyle.

5. The Role Of Dean Munsch Was Written With Jamie Lee Curtis In Mind

Had she declined, Scream Queens may never have happened! Striving to work with her, the creators centered the role of Dean Cathy Munsch around Jamie Lee Curtis. Fortunately it took the original scream queen less than 24 hours to sign on to Fox’s campy horror-comedy.

6. Speaking Of The Original Scream Queen

The scene in which Dean Munsch evades being stabbed in the shower is an homage to her mother Janet Leigh’s infamous shower scene from Alfred Hitchcock’s horror classic, Psycho.

7. Chanel #3 Is Named After Charles Manson Follower Susan Atkins

In case you aren’t sure where I am going with this let me break it down for you:

Early on in the series, Chanel #3 confides in her companion Predatory Lez (a.k.a. Sam) that she is in fact the daughter of Charles Manson. It was however not revealed until the end of the season that Chanel #3's real name is Sadie Swenson. Now, where do we get Sadie from Susan Atkins you ask?

Susan Atkins was Charles Manson’s most dedicated and ruthless family member, remaining loyal to him long after their incarceration. Shortly after meeting Atkins, Manson gave her the name Sadie, a name she gleefully adopted and held firmly onto. Fully embracing her Manson family life, Susan Atkins became Sadie, even encouraging her legal team to address her as so during trial.

8. Nick Jonas's Character Boone Was A Red Herring

If you’re a fan of Clive Barker’s 1990 classic masterpiece Nightbreed, than you are well aware that the protagonist is a headstrong hottie named Aaron Boone. In Nightbreed, Aaron Boone happens to raise from the dead after being shot to death. So, it wasn’t terribly shocking when Boone (Jonas) sat up on the slab in the morgue after an apparent throat slashing back at the frat house.

9. Kappa Kappa Tau Isn't The Only Place Chock Full Of Legacies

Much of the cast comes from legendary Hollywood stock. Jamie Lee Curtis, Emma Roberts, Billie Lourd, and Oliver Hudson all have famous relatives. Apparently great acting is hereditary.

10. Luminol Really Does Detect Horseradish

Niecy Nash’s character Denise Hemphill claims she loves Arby’s, but hates horseradish; that’s why she carries luminol, even though she isn’t even packing heat. This is actually true! Luminol reacts to an enzyme horseradish, and although I am certain I have had far worse, that’s not something I would want to put in my mouth.

See you again in September, Chanels!

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