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Many books are turned into great movies and TV shows, from Lord of the Rings to Game of Thrones. These are some of my favorite young adult book series that I believe would be amazing to see come to life. If you have read any of them I am sure you will agree!

Artemis Fowl

Boy genuis, philanthropist, and criminal mastermind are all great ways to describe Artemis Fowl II. He was a 12 year old boy whose father was supposedly killed by the Russian Mafia and mother went into a downward spiral of mental illness. Therefore, he quit school and started to rebuild his families crime and monetary empire. He began trying to extort the People (underground world of fairies, centaurs, gnomes, etc) and from there on was interconnected with their world whether good or bad. This would be an excellent film series! Imagine the magic of Harry Potter mixed with the action of Die Hard! The movie rights are currently in control of Disney and I truly hope they do it justice.

Charlie Bone: Children of the Red King

Charlie Bone is a normal 10 year old boy until he starts hearing people in photographs and paintings talking. He world is turned upside down when he is transferred to Bloor's Academy by his grandmother and her evil sisters. There he makes friends and enemies with the other children with magical powers or gifts. Together, Charlie and the good children must fight against the evil ones in a series of battles. This would be the perfect series for young adults and anyone who liked The Spiderwick Chronicles. After much research I have come to one conclusion, it will be a long time before this masterpiece is put to film. The rights are supposedly in the hands of Warner Bros. so we will see if it ever comes to the big screen or make a brilliant and suspenseful TV .


The epic series that would change the world. The story of a man who could fix almost any book, and his daughter and their journey after his wife is taken. This man had a magical talent that he kept well hidden. Mortimer Folchart had the ability to read characters and objects out of books! This power lands him into trouble when he accidentally reads villains from the book Inkheart and reads his wife into it. From that night forward his life is changed! This series takes us from our world to a whole new world inside the world of Inkheart! This series is a book readers dream come true, or so it would seem.

I realize that this has already been made into a movie but hear me out! The original movie did not quite get off the ground like many hoped it would. Personally, I loved it and all the actors. However, some major details that would have lead on to the rest of the series were left out or changed. The ending was changed to where Dustfinger was sent back by Mortimer which didnt happen in the first book. Instead he stole the book and took it to another reader that could send him back into Inkheart. I think a reboot is in order! Possibly doing a Netflix series would be a better idea.

The Underlander Chronicles

When Gregor is 11years old follows his little sister Boots through a grate in the laundry room of their New York apartment building and falls miles below the surface. There they meet humans who are pale and live without the sun, giant cockroaches, bats, and rats have learned to speak. The humans are influenced by the prophecies from their ancestor Bartholomew of Sandwich, whose words foretold the coming of a warrior from above who would save the Underland from dire situations. These issues would go from fighting "gnawers" (rats) to curing a plague and everything in between. Now I could see this going either way as a television show or a movie! It was written by Suzanne Collins who also wrote The Hunger Games series so I'm sure that it would do just as well.

All these books would be great as films or shows and I hope that does eventually happen. What book would you love to see come to life on one screen or the other?


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