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We all remember our favorite cartoons and shows growing up in the '90s and early 2000s. They were funny, creative and most importantly, innocent and pure. Oooh boy, are you wrong there. The writers and creators of these shows managed to sneak in at least one or two adult jokes somewhere during the show's run. Where, you might ask? Well, let's go through 10 inappropriate jokes from your childhood that you never noticed. Let's start with:

1. The Drive-In — The Animaniacs

We all know what can go down at the drive-in movie theater when you put two hormone-raging adolescent teens in the same vehicle. Apparently, Animaniacs also knows because they managed to sneak in this inappropriate joke that the kids didn't get but the adults could help but snicker at. What's even funnier is the mother and son walking by — the son wants to know more about what's going on in the car but his mother already knows and drags him away.

2. Grandpa Has A Sordid Past — Hey Arnold!

Most adults know what Woodstock was. It was a three day music peace festival that attracted famous performers such as The Who, Janis Joplin, Joe Cocker and the legendary Jimi Hendrix. Although, the festival was also widely known for it's heavy use of drugs and unprotected sex. So, it was pretty surprising to hear that Arnold's grandfather "lost" a bunch of brain cells at Woodstock. Just another joke that flew over our heads when we were younger. Do you think that's where he met Arnold's grandma?

3. Cool, Rich And Popular — The Weekenders

Carver will never stop trying be one of the cool kids. In one episode of The Weekenders, he states then when he finally becomes part of the cool kid gang that he will want to be referred to as CARP. Why you ask? Because it's everything he wants to be: Cool And Radically Popular. Then Tino, the sarcastic one of the group, jokes that it's a good thing he doesn't want to be Cool, Rich And Popular. Tino sure was a smartass, wasn't he?

4. Berry Picking — Rocko's Modern Life

Let's face it: Rocko's Modern Life was a fairly dirty show. There was a ton of sexually inappropriate jokes that we missed because our minds were just too young and innocent. Everyone has mentioned them and everyone basically knows about them. So, let's check out one of the lesser-known inappropriate jokes of the show as Rocko is just innocently picking berries from a bush. When he goes to pick two red berries on the bush, he tugs hard and someone jumps from the bush, screaming in pain and holding his groin. Real subtle.

5. Woah There — The Road To El Dorado

First glance at this scene as a kid, you could totally surmise that Chell and Tulio were merely just making out. I mean, to a young boy, making out with a girl would give you Tulio's expression too. However, as an adult, we can totally see that Chell's face was nowhere near Tulio's face when she raises her head. Real subtle there, DreamWorks.

6. Trembling Girlhood — Hey Arnold!

Wow. They're not even trying to be subtle with this one. I actually think the less I talk about this one the better. Just, eww. That's two strikes against you Hey Arnold!

7. What Happens In The Closet, Stays In The Closet — Ren And Stimpy

Just another routine episode for Ren and Stimpy if you ask me. Ren's cousin, Sven, is visiting the duo and he finds Stimpy just hanging out in his closet. Sven asks if he may join him and Ren happily agrees. They then get the great idea to close the closet door and play "circus." What follows is an assortment of wet sounds coming from inside the closet but what really makes this inappropriate is when Stimpy says that he is a sword swallower and a lot of gagging and giggling commence. Stimpy — that's your cousin, dude.

8. Another Head — The Flintstones

You would never think you'd find a penis joke in the family-friendly, nostalgic Flintstones but Hanna and Barbara were kind of sneaky with it. When Fred and Barney go to the costume store, Barney claims he wants something that will make him look taller. Fred claims that he should get another head and laughs. Barney then comes back with a classic zinger. How naughty for such a kid-friendly show.

9. The Krusty What? — Spongebob Squarepants

Oh come on. They live in Bikini Bottom and they eat at a place called "The Krusty Krab." Do I even need to explain this one? And if anyone doesn't get it in the comment section, don't tell them. Keep their minds as innocent and pure for as long as they can keep it.

10. Male Bonding — The Rugrats

Yep, Rugrats just made a gay adultery joke. When explaining where Phil and Lil's father, Howard, went, he explains that he's off with the guys doing some "male bonding" followed by some very suggestive hand gestures. This could mean so many things and it's just so confusing. Is Howard cheating on Betty with other men and everyone is just OK with it? Did Howard marry Betty because she was a loud, butch female? Does Betty know about and it so she's OK with it? Does Howard need to work through some weird feelings and issues? That's a lot of questions for a two-second adult joke.

I think Howard might need an intervention of some kind to help come to terms with his true feelings. Jeez Rugrats, you're a kid's show, you should not be making us think this hard about a joke.

Obviously there are too many to list, so comment below any adult joke you never noticed as a kid from your favorite cartoon


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