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I'm one of the greatest rebel pilots out there, and I secretly faked my death so I could go to a hot dog eating contest. Worth it!

Farts are freeing, and in the case of Swiss Army Man Hank (Paul Dano) uses them to escape the wretched island he was stranded upon in the beginning of the movie with the help of the dead Manny (Daniel Radcliffe).

The pair land upon a beach in front of a dense forest, and from here the movie really begins. The movie has a great look into societal norms, friendship, and feeling love for someone that might never give it back. So let's look into why people should see this movie.

1. The Humor

The humor that is found in Swiss Army Man stems from Hank and Manny talking about life, love, and the world. It is great observational humor that makes you think, as well as laugh. Though if you aren't a fan of farts jokes some will not appeal to you, but that being said, the humor is very good, as a lot of it comes from Manny who has a child-like curiosity about the world, and with this child-like state he has absolutely no filter when it comes to questions and statements that go through his head. Which gives to some great jokes, though I will not deny Hank the honor of also having some funny lines himself. With him having one of the bests in the movie.

2. The Emotions

The movie is filled with emotional impact, as you grow to love these characters through their attempt to get back to civilization. During their adventure they find that they have to rely on each other to make it out of the forest. This reliance makes for great conversation and makes them try to understand each other, and in the end become great friends. Their bond strengthens through the film making it the center of all emotions, as you desperately want to see them make it: both out of the forest and as friends. When it comes to the end the feeling you will have when these two start to grow and converse more deeply with each other will make you just get a bit teary eyed, but also make your heart be filled with joy.

3. The Characters

The characters in the movie appear as two different sides; Hank is being the adult side of a brain that follows every rule ever told to him, and Manny, who is like a curious child, will question every rule and societal norm in the world. Their conversations about why things are in the world are fascinating, as you have opposites side trying to make sense of everything when being questioned or told. Their bond creates a powerful on-screen friendship that you wish you could have yourself. The characters go through an interesting arc involving the feelings and understanding of what love is, and it makes for some really great conversations. These characters go through quite a lot together throughout the movie, and by the end you just wish you could watch their friendship flourish even more after the credits start.

4. The Powers

The powers displayed in the movie can range from a shaving razor to a grapple launcher. They are interesting to watch, as they are used in many different ways. The major power seen throughout the movie is Manny's powerful flatulence that gets them out of spots from time to time. The powers are used sporadically in an awesome montage that shows them building structures, catching food, and exploring just what Manny can do. The abilities that Manny possess are creative, fun, and utilized in the right ways that make the powers seem just what a Swiss army man would have.

5. The Soundtrack

The soundtrack in this movie is amazing, from its adventurous sounding beats, to Daniel and Paul being the ones who are singing. The soundtrack is just great, and its use in the film is fantastic, especially in the opening scene. This soundtrack just fills your heart with the sense of excitement and thrill of going on an adventure with your best friend, and bonding like no one else possibly could. This is a soundtrack that can actually just be heard forever, as you will just want to jump all around to the music of this great movie.

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