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It was the amazing and (anti)heroic Deadpool that brought to light, to the whole world, the wonder of superhero landings. Also known as a 'three point landing', this feat of acrobatics has almost become a stereotype in the superhero world, whether it be live-action, animation or gaming. So I have scoured through some of the greatest movies and games as yet released to bring forth to you 9 of the greatest and most unforgettable superhero landings:

9) Sora- Kingdom Hearts 2

The first one on my list is Sora from Kingdom Hearts.I can assure that is is flawless and only made more epic by the fact he's wielding an ever powerful Keyblade. His landing has both beauty and power.

8) Gipsy Danger- Pacific Rim

Before you start pulling out hair and wondering who in the world Gipsy Danger is, it's actually the name of the giant robot controlled by Mako and Raleigh and used to fight off the giant Rift monsters. What's so impressive about Gypsy Danger's superhero landing is that it was executed from 50,000 feet above the Earth's surface and just after producing a killer sword and vanquishing a particularly troublesome monster- nice one!

7) Aang - The Legend of Aang: The Last Airbender

The Legend of Aang will forever be, well, legendary and, for those of us who actually watched the animation, apart from the epic plot twists and characters, we also get to see Aang nail quite a number of superhero landings- namely whilst fighting formidable foes like the Fire Lord above.

6) Ladybug - Miraculous Ladybug

Never heard of Miraculous Ladybug? Well go look her up and her fellow here Chat Noir as soon as you can! A relatively recent animation, it has taken the world by storm. With its outstanding plot and quirky characters, it's a show for all ages. And It is the unforgettable Ladybug who, time and time again, pulls off three point landings which I dare say deserve a 10 on 10 in the Olympics.

5) Beymax- Big Hero 6

Beymax may be lovable and hug-worthy but when it comes to helping Hiro and his friends, he's not afraid to pull out all the moves- even if they have been preprogrammed. Clad in Iron Man-worthy armour, Beymax manages to save the young hero from being pulled into a infinite void and pulls off a wicked superhero landing in the meantime. You can help love the marshmallow robot!

4) Black Widow - Iron Man 2

Okay, so I know that Black Widow's superhero landing wasn't really a landing but more of a fancy slide. However, being the only one on this list without any form of superhuman enhancements but still being capable of producing a flawless three point landing makes her just as worthy for this list, wouldn't you agree?

3) Iron Man - Iron Man 2

Tony Stark is the king of dramatic entrances, with or without his super suit. But. when aiming to make an unforgettable entrance in his own billion dollar event (The Stark Expo) what did we expect from the genius, billionaire, playboy, philanthropist if not an amazing, Avenger worthy landing?

2) Trinity- The Matrix: Reloaded

Trinity's landing in Matrix Reloaded is astoundingly awesome but then, what did you expect from the legendary Matrix trilogy? Just as the trilogy itself is on a level of its own, so is this landing. The grace and timing put into Trinity's motions and the exploding motorcycle are true cinematic beauty.

1) Spider-Man - Captain America: Civil War

Although it was a very close call, the web swinging teenager Peter Parker (a.k.a Spider-Man) is the winner and ultimate champion of the title of best superhero landing. As the video above shows, the latest addition to the Spider-Man family ( Tom Holland) continues to uphold this title with the most legendary superhero entrance ever seen, much to ours, and Deadpool's, approval.

So there you have it, 9 of the greatest and most unforgettable superhero landings ever created. And just as I started off this article with an epic Deadpool quote, with one I wish you adieu:


Who had the best Superhero landing?


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