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Matt LeBlanc Breaks Down In Laughter In An Episode And We Didn't Even Realize!

The famous sitcom 'Friends' ran for ten impressive years. Since the show finished, people have been noticing all kinds of little mistakes across all ten seasons. One example is the back drop outside Monica's window. For some reason it kept on changing scenery. But now there's a new error noticed by fans when re-watching episodes. It seems Matt LeBlanc is noticed losing character focus as he breaks down in tears on set. Take a look.

During the episode "The One With The Worst Best Man Ever", Ross' wedding ring goes missing and Joey, Chandler and Ross believe that the stripper stole the ring when she left the apartment. The above scene sees David Schwimmer comes across in a rather funny way as he uses all kinds of hand gestures when delivering his line.

We see Chandler played by Matthew Perry looking really composed and in character as he stands next to Ross ready to deliver his next line. However you can see Matt LeBlanc slightly hiding behind Ross so he can cover up his laughing from the audience.

You can hardly blame him right? If Matt wasn't laughing, then maybe he got hungry and needed a sandwich or a pizza? Knowing Joey he was hungry and laughing. So now we have another error we can add to the list we have that occur during Friends.

What's your favorite Joey moment?


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