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“I am not in Danger. I am the Danger.” said Heisenberg. He is one of the most deadly and perfect meth cooks in the world in the TV Show Breaking Bad. But that didn’t stop him from dying now did it? Somehow the message “Valar Morghulis” (All men must die) from Game Of Thrones got justified in this show after all. The man who was feared among the drug cartels did die and marked the end to one of the best drama series of all time in the history of American Television.

If I am not wrong, Walter was roaming around a meth lab getting all nostalgic about his good old days when he used to make meth with his student cum partner Jessie Pinkman. However, that moment of nostalgia didn’t last long. He was already getting eaten from inside by the cancer thing and the bullet of his own gun which he set up to kill his brother-in-law Hank’s killers. When the video player jumped to the last frame, we saw him lying dead on floor when DEA got into action. That’s how the show ended. But what if it wasn’t the only end? What if we had an extended version? I’d love to see that one too. Admit it. The ending was good but it felt kind of abrupt to some viewers. Just imagine how cool it would look if it was shown that the legacy of the great Heisenberg continued and actually dominated all the drug rackets around the world and not just the Mexicans. Feels good to listen right? Let’s take a look at some logical ways Breaking Bad could have ended making that imagination true.

1. Jessie Continues To Make Meth

Jessie Pinkman, the right hand of Heisenberg was completely broke and ruined in the last episode. Everyone was sorry for him. But it isn’t the first time he lost someone. The scenario in the last episode might be worse but still, this guy has experience coping up with bad times. Every time he fell, he bounced back. Every time he was lost, he found his way again. And one thing we can notice here is that the main reason behind that return every time was none other than his boss, Heisenberg.

In the last episode, Walter went to a very long distance to save him. Maybe that wasn’t the only motive but still, he was the reason Jesse found his lost hope again. So there could be a strong possibility that Jesse would continue to make meth and sell it in the name of Heisenberg to make sure his life saver’s name lives on.

2. Skyler Restarts The Business

This also sounds pretty obvious. She too ran the business with her husband when he was alive. Although, she just managed the finances and made sure their humongous bank balance sounded legit, she was pretty good at it. She literally blew everyone’s mind when she acted in front of Mr and Mrs Hank as if Walt got into serious gambling and she couldn’t help it. That isn’t the only part where she acted brilliantly. There is a scene where she acts as if she was the one responsible for the irregularities in her boss and short term boyfriend, Ted Beneke’s books and actually convinced the IRS.

We all know that she gave up the bad business with her husband for her children’s safety. She even started to hate him for the kind of evil guy he became and that it was his self-interest that got him into the world of drug dealing but not for the welfare of his family. But we should not forget that it’s the pile of adversities that motivated our Walter to break bad and become a meth cook from a chemistry teacher. We need not get shocked if Skyler too breaks bad. Not after husband dies. The guy who took the entire blame on himself to save her. Plus, she has experience too.

3. Walter Jr. Starts Cooking

Now you might be wondering how that is possible. But I say it totally is. If we carefully look at Walter Jr.’s timeline, the guy is just a teenager. He is a young man having no idea about the shit that’s getting cooked around him and his parents’ involvement in that. But he did understand their emotions and switched sides based on that. There were moments where told his own father to kill himself and some other where he called him a hero. Anyways, it was clearly showed in the last season that he hated his father for what he did. But was it for real? If we carefully observe the last telephone conversation between them, he was happy to hear Walter’s voice moment after he picked up the phone. He started shouting at his father later though. But was it for real? Maybe a part of him still loves Walter but he shouted at him so as to play his part as a law abiding citizen.

It might be possible that Walter Jr. gives up his law abiding thing after hearing about the death of his father. Or maybe it might happen after his mother confesses about her involvement with his father in his wrongdoings. Plus, he is the in charge of his family now. He has to do something.

4. Saul Goodman Starts Cooking

This one isn’t much of a shocker. This guy is a born scammer. He helped many people like Walter, get out of whatever mess they create in perfect manner. He showed his skills right from the moment he got into action to save Badger. Later on, he forged an alliance with Walt and Jesse and played a major role in cooking every move they ever made. He was able to get every type of contact required to run a meth business. It won’t be surprising if he leverages those same contacts to run his own business anytime soon.

Besides, by the end of the show, he took over a new identity and ran away far from all the Heisenberg bullshit. He could start fresh and make a contact with Jesse who regained his wings of freedom, thanks to Walter and might convince him after all for a mega meth franchise reboot.

5. Holly Comes To Know About Her Father And Starts Cooking

“Holly, today I am going to tell you a story. The story of how your dad met his maker”. Probably, Skyler will start her story this way if she is ever going to tell Holly about Walt. And why not? He was the man who earned enough money for her to go to college. She has every right to know about him. Or she might never need to. After all, everyone knows that she is the great Heisenberg’s daughter.

A day might come when she might realize that the whole world is filled with lunatics already and she acting as one of them won’t make much of a difference. She might feel the need to carry on her father’s legacy as a legendary meth cook. Carrying the same DNA inside her, with the help of Jesse (if he comes at aid), she might just do wonders in a meth lab. After all, Heisenberg starts with ‘H’, and so does Holly.

6. It Was All Just A Dream Of Jessie, Sleeping In Walter’s Class

There is no need to get angry over this possibility. It does sound logical. To be frank, this is one of the best predicted endings I can say. I found it somewhere in Facebook in a discussion about the series finale. A great follower of the show commented this prediction that got massive response. Some laughed, shouted and even cried over this one. But no one ignored it. It is possible that Jessie being a back-bencher and poor in chemistry, was already a bad-ass smoking weed probably and was taking a 5 season long nap. Holding a grudge on his chemistry teacher Walt for his strict evaluation of the papers or assignments, he might have just decided to give him cancer, let his wife have an affair, kill his brother Hank and kill him in the end after all.

And when the scene reaches to the end where Walt lies dead on the floor, Jessie’s long nap could have ended from the calling bell or from a wake-up call from Walt himself. On his way home, he could have felt that the long nap got him one hell of a story out of which he could make a great TV Series.


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