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Every town in every state has them. Yes, hotels, but also ghost stories passed down from generation to generation, told around boy scout campfires, in playgrounds, and in couch cushion forts. They can be hair-raising, nightmare-inducing tales, or they can just be plain silly, designed to scare the crap out of misbehaving kids.

This list will not only give you some haunted hotels for that future ghost hunting road trip we all want to take, but also places to stay overnight. Of course, I didn't say anything about actually being able to sleep...

This is part 4 of 5 of a series full of ghost stories, from haunted bridges to houses, and forests to amusement parks. One from each state, from Alabama to Wyoming, for that ghost-hunting road trip you know you want to take one day!

States covered in this part are Alaska, Arkansas, California, Georgia, Maine, Michigan, Minnesota, Nevada, New York, South Dakota, and Washington.

Alaska – Hotel Captain Hook

Location: Anchorage

Remember that book that was made into a movie that had this building that had a bathroom that was haunted by the ghost of a girl who died there? Well, there ain't no boy wizard in this story. In 1972, a woman is said to have committed suicide in one of the restroom's stalls in the hotel. Supposedly, the operations manager goes into the restroom to talk to her, to calm her down and to stop scaring the guests.

Arkansas – Crescent Hotel

Location: Eureka Springs

If a hotel uses “you can check in, but you might not check out” as a selling point, it might not make too much money as a business. But when you're the 1886 Crescent Hotel & Spa, you do! It's claim to fame is numerous guests who have stuck around, including a worker who helped build it in 1885, and became the first guest when he fell to his death. Others include Theodora, a cancer patient who, apparently, needs help finding her key (find it yourself), well-dressed Norman Baker, and Morris the cat.

California – Hotel Del Coronado

Location: San Diego

When your career choice is to travel the country with your husband, conning people out of their money by pretending to flirt with men while your husband cheated while playing cards, then you're just asking for a quick and violent end to your life. The bright side is, you become a famous ghost. Such is the story of Kate Morgan, who's life came to an end by either suicide or murder in 1892.

If you want to get to know her, make sure you book your stay in room 3327 months or years in advance, due to her fame. Try your luck, and you might get to experience swinging lights and dark apparitions pulling your sheets off your bed.

They need to rename that place the Hotel Del Nope.

Georgia - The 17 Hundred 90 Inn & Tavern, Savannah

Location: Savannah, East President Street

The oldest and unnecessarily longest-named hotel in Savannah, this hotel's famous guest is Anne Powell, and her room of choice is 204. If you choose to stay in 204, you have to actually sign a waiver that states you won't ask for your money back. Anne fell to her death from the window in the room, most likely being a suicide.

Female guests have reported their undergarments missing, only to turn up in strange places outside the hotel. Other guests feel someone touching their cheek while they slept, only to wake up and see no one. The best experience? Waking up in the middle of the night and seeing Anne watching over you, only to see her turn away and jump out the window. The maids would have one hell of a time cleaning my sheets the next day.

Maine – Captain Fairfield Inn

Location: Kennebunkport

Captain James Fairfield, or at least, his ghost, makes this story one of the nicest haunting yarns you'll hear. The Captain's father-in-law had this mansion built, from 1813-1815, as a wedding gift to his daughter and new son-in-law. James and his wife Lois lived there for five years, until the Captain died of pneumonia. In 1991, the mansion was converted into a B&B, and that's when the Captain's ghost started making his appearances. He has been seen floating around in the basement, just chilling out. And the guests of the B&B have see his ghost, and have said he seems pleased to have guests staying in his house.

This would NOT make a good Stephen King movie.

Michigan – Bone Heads BBQ

Location: Willis

No explanation has ever been found for this place to be haunted; it's just lucky. Whispers, footsteps, even a ghost cleaning the thirst story window has been seen by neighbors. The best part? A girl was using the women's restroom one day, and looked in the mirror to find her reflections wasn't the only one there. She turned around, and the other young girl she saw wasn't there.

Minnesota – Palmer House Hotel

Location: 500 Sinclair Lewis Ave., Sauk Centre

Another hotel that embraces their fame for being haunted, and encourages ghost hunting enthusiasts to stay there, Palmer House has it's own website devoted to the hauntings. Just a few of the experiences you might get if you stay a night there are the classic 'ghost ball bouncing down a hallway' scare, sounds of children running, flying glasses in the bar, and disembodied voices. They suggest room 17 or 11, if you wish to get the real experience! Might I suggest rooms 1-10, 12-16, or 17 or higher?

Nevada – The Clown Motel

Location: Tonopah

Clowns. CLOWNS. There's a clown on the sign out front. Hundreds of clowns in the lobby. Clown-themed rooms. Guests experience weird, unexplained phenomena, including strange feeling, EMF spikes, AND MOTHER FREAKING CLOWNS. Of course, the weird feelings are probably because you're sleeping alone in a room with a portrait of Bozo staring into your soul all night. And it doesn't help that right next door is a cemetery full of long-dead gold miners.

I can't end this entry without quoting this experience one reddit user posted after staying in the hotel. I couldn't find the post on reddit, so here's the link to the site I'm copying and pasting from. It may be real, it may be fake, but whatever it is, you'll never look at a Christmas ham the same again.

At one point early in the evening we were hearing strange sounds and what appeared to be someone screaming followed by lot popping and crunching noises. While in the bathroom my buddy decided to have a peak outside of the bathroom window. My buddy lets out a yell and busts out into the room and I'm like "what?!" He doesn't say anything but goes right to his back and gets his Smith and Wesson 357 out. I'm thinking "what the $%#" and I dig into my bag to get my Sig 232 out. He says we need to get the %@#& out of there right now. I saw he was serious and that made me serious about it, we grabbed our $#!^ for the most part (left a few clothes behind) and looked out the peep sight to make sure it was clear to our car. I threw my gun into my pocket, he put his in his waistband and we hauled ass to the car and got the hell out of there. On the ride away, I asked what he saw in the bathroom. He told me when he looked out the window there was this creepy-ass clown facing away from the window, pants at his ankles, making a weird motion. He told me the clown slowly turned 90 degrees to look at him, my friend said he looked down to see this clown $#@%ing a full-sized dinner ham, when he looked up from the ham $^@!ing the clown was smiling and waving at him.

New York – Manhattan Bistro

Location: 129 Spring St.

If you owned a restaurant, which do you think would be worse? Horrible Yelp reviews or your business being built over a well where a dead body was found? In 1799, a young lady named Gulielma Elmore Sands ran away from home to elope with her lover. The next day, her body was found at the bottom of the Manhattan Well, which just so happens to be in the basement of the Manhattan Bistro. The restaurant is now closed down, probably to a long-haired girl who continually crawls out of the ### well and scares the #### out of the ### customers!!! Actually, the spirit is said to just hang around, with the occasional bottle flying off the shelf., and appearances by Gulielma's spirit.

South Dakota – Hotel Alex Johnson

Location: Rapid City

You know if the hotel you're planning on staying at offers a special 'ghost adventure' package, it just might be haunted. Rooms 802 and 812 are the haunted hot spots in this hotel, with 802 belonging to Alex Johnson, and 812 to a bride-to-be who jumped to her death from the window on her wedding night. The windows in 812 open on their own, and one guest claimed to have discovered the words “help me” written on the mirror after her shower one night. Alex Johnson died in room 802, and is seemingly the cause of music without instruments, and guests awaking to the feeling that they're being choked. Pets that stay in the room are agitated, and act weird, as well.

Washington – The Palace Hotel

Location: Port Townsend

All you guys out there, you feel my pain. It's hard enough being so irresistible, that all the ladies just can't stay away. Am I right or am I right? Well, whatever you do, do NOT stay a night at this hotel. Like quite a few hotels, this building has been around a while, and used to house prostitutes. And, of course, some of those ladies of the night have died here. What does that get you? Unwanted attention from ladies who are living, and some who aren't living anymore. Many people, probably the fellas, who stay in the hotel report strange sensations of being touched, and having their things move around.

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