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After looking under every rock and behind every creaky door on the internet, I've dug up some of the scariest haunted abandoned amusement park and cemetery legends from several states! Why did I group cemeteries and amusement parks together, you ask? Have you SEEN an abandoned amusement part? I'd almost rather spend a night in a cemetery than there! Almost...

This is part 5 of 5 of a series full of ghost stories, from haunted bridges to houses, and forests to amusement parks. One from each state, from Alabama to Wyoming, for that ghost-hunting road trip you know you want to take one day!

States covered in this part are Colorado, Connecticut, Idaho, Louisiana, New Hampshire, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia, West Virginia, and Wisconsin.

Colorado - Central City Masonic Cemetery

Location: Central City

With its history of mining, and of course, The Freakin' Stanley Hotel, there aren't any shortages of haunted places in this state. Central City Masonic Cemetery is pretty special, though. It has the run-of-the-mill orbs that aren't camera shy, but add a little boy who follows you around and disappearing when you try to talk to him, and a woman in black who vanishes when you approach, and you've got one heck of a great place to have a picnic!

Connecticut – Union Cemetery

Location: Easton

When you attract world famous ghosthunters like Ed and Lorraine Warren, you know you have a supernatural hotspot. People come from all around in hopes of seeing the White Lady, a rare apparition who isn't too shy. She's been seen by and had her picture taken by dozens of witnesses, and even captured on video by Ed himself. Apparently, she's one of those ghosts that like to make you think you hit a person, only for her to disappear when your freaked-out self turns around to see how much prison time you just earned.

The other well-known ghost at the cemetery? Someone who will make you wish the White Lady was around instead. Known as Red Eyes, he/she/it is simply that; red eyes glowing in the darkness.

Hell no gif

Idaho - Fort Boise Military Cemetery

Location: Boise

Nothing is really much sadder than ghosts that can never rest, and haunt places until who knows when. Unless those ghosts are those of children, walking around a cemetery. There aren't any reports of the ghosts of soldiers haunting this military cemetery; just their children. Why someone would be hanging around a cemetery at night is beyond me (they better be wearing their brown ghost-hunting pants), but the children are only seen at night, walking around, doing ghost-y things.

Louisiana – St. Louis Cemetery No. 1

Location: New Orleans

We recently took our first trip ever to New Orleans, so I know firsthand that there is no shortage of haunted places to choose from in Louisiana. Plantations, above ground cemeteries...the state has it all! We'll go with the safe one, though, a cemetery. This one in particular is only one city block long, but has 100,000 bodies buried there, including the famous Voodoo priestess, Marie Laveau. The cemetery is haunted by not only her, but some of the thousands of others to be buried there. The graveyard is so notorious for ghosts, you need to have a licensed tour guide take you in.

New Hampshire – Pine Hill Cemetery

Location: Hollis

Also called Blood Cemetery, this one is filled with apparitions, orbs, strange sounds, and other fairly normal haunted cemetery stuff. But with every haunted cemetery full of boring everyday ghost-y things, each one usually has its own special story. Pine Hill got its nickname not after the red gooey stuff, but Abel and Betsy Blood. Abel, a devout Christian while he was alive, was reportedly murdered, along with his wife. I'm sure local historical records can prove otherwise, but what really needs to be proven is whether or not the legend of his tombstone is true. It's said that at night, the headstone changes color. Sure, you say. It gets dark, so the color gets darker. But there's also a carving of a hand on it, with the index finger pointing toward heaven. At night, the index finger mysteriously points down, towards hell.

What some might say is a freaky, I say it's groovy! The guys is obviously doing a classic disco move.

Oklahoma – Blanchard Cemetery

Location: Blanchard

Going to a cemetery at any time of the day is creepy enough, but imagine if, one night, you saw a tall, ghostly man in black pants and dark blue suit waving his hand, beckoning you to come closer? I'd be waving back at him out the window of my car as I'm haulin' ass out of there. That's the story of Blanchard Cemetery, or at least the most popular one.

South Carolina – St. Phillips Graveyard

Location: Charleston

If you're a woman, or more specific yet, a pregnant woman, it'd be best not to go near this graveyard. As the story goes, Sue Howard died after giving birth to a stillborn child, and now haunts her final resting place. Any women who come in risk being targeted by the ghost, who seems to be pretty bitter about her whole incident.

Tennessee – Hope Hill Cemetery

Location: Medina

Home to the local legend that surrounds the “dollhouse grave,” this cemetery is home to a five year old girl who died in 1931. Her grieving father built a dollhouse over her grave, which still stands today. Over the years, people left toys and stuffed animal in the dollhouse, and some say you might be able to look in and see her playing with them. The house is surrounded with plexiglass now, but that doesn't stop visitors from getting an eerie feeling every time they go near the dollhouse.

Virginia – Arlington National Cemetery

Location: Arlington

Easily the most well-known cemetery in the country, and home of the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, it is also one of the most haunted. The Old Post Chapel, the site of thousands of military funerals, is said to be extremely haunted. Unlocked doors get locked, and vice versa, but unseen hands. A crying woman has been heard in front of the chapel, but nobody is found when looked for. Ghostly mourners disappear as they're approached, and guards on duty see lights go on and off, and hear organ music, even though the chapel is locked and empty.

West Virginia - Lake Shawnee Amusement Park

Location: 470 Matoaka Road, Matoaka

Amusement parks? Totally awesome. Abandoned amusement parks? That's a whole different thing. There's something about the rides sitting there unused, after years of being the source of so much joy for kids. Lake Shawnee takes that creepiness to a whole new level. Built on the site of a violent little turf war between a settler and some Native Americans who murdered his kids, who also met their demise at the hands of the settler and some of his settling friends, the park has been the site of six more deaths since then. The last two deaths happened in 1966; a little girl who died on the circling swing set, and a little boy who drowned in the swimming pond. The park has been shut down since, but the spirits of those kids still hang around, making the swings go back and forth on calm days, and causing areas of hot and cold temperatures.

Wisconsin – Riverside Cemetery

Location: Appleton

Like Pine Hill Cemetery, this place has a history of blood, in more ways than one. It's the final resting place of Kate Blood, and because of her last name, she's the recipient of all sorts of origin stories; witch, child-killer, and murder victim. No matter what her story, her gravesite is all sorts of haunted. Chills in the air, and a dark figure with a hood who disappears into thin air around her stone are common. But the stories about blood oozing from her tombstone? That's the final bucket full of nope in a huge hole of nuh-uh.

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