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It's been about 30 days since Me Before You came out on June 3, and probably as many thousands of gallons of tears that have been shed since. In the adaptation of Jojo Moyes' book, Emilia Clarke drops her Mother of Dragons title to step into the flowery shoes of Lou Clark, a small town girl who finds a job as the caretaker of Will Traynor, played by Sam Claflin. Will, your typical British playboy of a banker with a castle as his childhood home, was in an accident that left him paralyzed from the shoulders down — and made him lose the will to live.

While it's the kind of movie that pulls at your heartstrings as if they were made of steel and not frail, delicate silk, it's a beautiful love story too. So if you're looking for that heartwarming feeling that will also make you tear up a little, what should you watch next? The Fault In Our Stars is the first movie that comes to mind because of the similarities it bears with Me Before You — but here are 5 other love stories that you might not have seen yet. (So, not The Notebook, although if you haven't seen that, you need to get on it.)

1. The One With Sam Claflin: Love, Rosie, 2014

With its sugarcoated vibe and quite unoriginal poster, Love, Rosie didn't get all the attention when it was first released. Still, this story of two best friends played by Lily Collins and Sam Claflin is well worth your time — at least to get an eyeful more of Claflin after Me Before You.

2. The Historical One: Brooklyn, 2015

Brooklyn earned its lead actress Saoirse Ronan an Oscar nomination for Best Leading Actress, and for good reason: Her performance as Eilis, an Irish immigrant in New York who finds herself torn between her new life and her ties back home, is subtle and touching. Emory Cohen is also brilliant as Tony, the cutely awkward Italian who dreams of building a future with her.

3. The Surprisingly Heartwarming One: Two Night Stand, 2014

When you first watch the trailer for Two Night Stand, featuring Miles Teller and Analeigh Tipton, the babysitter from Crazy, Stupid, Love, you might dismiss it as another cheap romantic comedy. But the simple story of two people who met on a one night stand and end up trapped together because of a snow storm is more pleasing than you think, in an uplifting and moving way.

4. The Bigger Budget One: That Awkward Moment, 2014

Same goes for That Awkward Moment, which features Zac Efron, Miles Teller (again!) and Michael B. Jordan. But as soon as the movie steps away from the "big boys party" vibe, the movie is more relatable than not and shines with the presence of Imogen Poots and Mackenzie Davis.

5. The Indie One: What If, 2013

Originally titled The F Word, What If is a deliciously bittersweet comedy in which we follow Daniel Radcliffe as Wallace, a rather shy guy who struggles with his feelings for Chantry (Zoe Kasan) as she insists on remaining friends. Surprise surprise, the platonic friendship doesn't persist very long. But far from being just another take on the eternal "guys and girls can't be friends" cliché, What If is the perfect mix of dreamy and down-to-earth, and Adam Driver is brilliant as the cynical best friend. Bonus points for being set in Canada!

What's your favorite, lesser known romantic comedy?


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