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"It's kind of fun to do the impossible." -Walt Disney
Lily Masco

Ironically on Independence Day, an invasion has occurred — on the internet. Celebrities' social media accounts everywhere are being plastered with "Happy 4th of July!" wishes. Let's take a look at how these patriotic stars are celebrating the American national holiday.

Many Celebrities Are Chillin' With The Fam

Some Continue To Make A Difference In The US

Some Just Want To Have Some Good Ol' 4th Of July Fun

Others Are Embracing That Red, White & Blue

These Celebs Are Taking Advantage Of The Holiday Weekend To Soak In That Summer Sun

Some Are Simply Sharing Their Independence Day Wishes

Others Are Bathing In Freedom

Don't let these celebs have all the fun, what are your plans to celebrate this 4th of July?

Sources: Twitter, Instagram


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