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(Warning: The following contains mild casting-related SPOILERS for the next - fifth - season of DC and The CW's Arrow, as well as some more substantial ones relating to the recently completed fourth season. Proceed with whatever level of caution that suggests to you is wise...)

Now, for anyone fond of watching angst-ridden superheroes cross over into the real world in order to battle real-life WWE stars, 2015 was a pretty great year. Not only did the WWE's Stardust and Arrow's Stephen Amell have a very public - and very publicized - feud, but it just so happened to culminate in an actual wrestling match... and yet more feuding.

For anyone who thought that the subsequent departure of Stardust - real name Cory Rhodes - from WWE would bring an end to the consistently entertaining feuding though, some distinctly excellent news has arrived. Y'see:

Cory 'Stardust' Rhodes Is On His Way To Arrow Season Five


Yup, that's right. As Amell himself recently confirmed during the Heroes & Villains Fan Fest in New Jersey, Rhodes will be turning up at some point during Arrow's fifth season - initially as a guest star, but likely with the potential for further appearances down the line should things go well. Heck, Amell even confirmed Rhodes' role on Facebook, just to make things nice and concrete:

Now, we don't know too much about the man-formerly-known-as-Stardust's role just yet - but it seems all but certain that it'll involve a fair amount of both taunting and punching of Oliver Queen. There's a WWE humiliation or two to be made up for, after all...

Trouble, it seems, could well be heading in the new mayor of Star City's direction even faster than we thought...

What do you reckon, though?


Are you excited to see Cory 'Stardust' Rhodes turn up in Arrow season five?


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