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On the subject of his impending divorce from actress Amber Heard, Johnny Depp has kept schtum, rather concentrating on his musical mega group Hollywood Vampires than commenting on his estranged wife or the abuse allegations leveled against him.

Yet perhaps actions speak louder than words for Depp, who it would seem has instead signaled his feelings toward his ex partner via a small but significant alteration in his inked tribute to her, changing the tattoo across his knuckles from "slim" — his old pet name for Heard — to "scum."

Johnny Depp Scum Tattoo via Yahoo
Johnny Depp Scum Tattoo via Yahoo

The change may be subtle, but it was enough for fans to pick up during a Hollywood Vampires performance in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. The rather vicious alteration, if it is directed toward Heard, only adds to the shocking victim-shaming manner in which she's been treated by the press since news of their divorce hit headlines back in May.

Of course, this isn't the first time Depp has physically erased traces of failed relationships. When splitting from ex Winona Ryder in 1993 he changed his "Winona Forever," to "Wino Forever."

What do you make of Depp's ink adjustment?

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