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Even superheroes are capable of experiencing awkward first kisses (just think of Steve Rogers in Captain America: Civil War), so we can't exactly be surprised that actors can also be victims of that oh-so-relatable discomfort. While we await Season 2 of Freeform's Shadowhunters: The Mortal Instruments, all we can do is focus on the cast, which is why we're going to disclose their cringe-worthy introductions to the ways of the French.

Even Fairytale Kisses Aren't Perfect, Ain't That Right Kat?

Kat McNamara (a.k.a. Clary Fray) had one of those ideal Hollywood-type kisses little girls dream about. We've all seen multiple occasions of this particular scenario (they even made a movie about it called New Year's Eve). Sometimes, the moment is right, the atmosphere is right, even the person can be right, but the actual kiss might just be lacking.

“My first kiss was on New Year’s Eve a few years ago in New York. It was really fun and sweet — it was magical — but it was awkward. At the time it was the greatest thing in the world, but looking back, it’s like, ‘Oh, that was just awkward.’ Story of my life.”

The way everyone wants to start the New Year: 10... 9... 8... 7... 6... 5... 4... 3... 2... 1... HAPPY AWKWARD YEAR!

Dom Sherwood's First Kiss May Want To Stay On The DL

Dom Sherwood (a.k.a. Jace Wayland) was asked about his first kiss in a rapid fire interview with The Wrap. Although he did not disclose any scenic details about his special moment, he certainly did not hold back on how he felt about it. His exact description centered around the word "horrific," followed by "clumsy, at best, is what I would put it as.”

Luckily, the actor has recovered from his traumatizing experience with current girlfriend Sarah Hyland (Modern Family). In normal circumstances, one would brag at the chance to reveal themselves as this hottie's first kiss. In this case, however, the mystery girl may just want to keep her mouth shut — in more ways than one.

Sometimes Silence Says It All... Won't You Kiss & Tell, Alberto Rosende?

No one particularly craves a monologue in their face when they're focused on lip-locking — at least not during the PG-13 kind. You'll find many Hollywood kisses happening when someone is looking to shut the other one up. In this case, we're referring to a whole different kind of keeping your mouth shut. Don't worry, we're not referring to a lame closed-mouth kiss either.

Alberto Rosende (a.k.a. Simon Lewis) kept his silence about the juicy details of his first make-out sesh. In a Twitter Chat, Rosende kept it at: “I was 14 when I had my first kiss.” Yikes, that bad, huh? Maybe he still needs time to recover before opening up about it. After all, it's only been nine years... Give the guy some space!

Harry Shum, Jr. Never Kissed Like A Virgin

No one ever asked Harry Shum, Jr. (a.k.a. Magnus Bane) about his first kiss, but he voluntarily shared his opinion on the initial practice via Twitter. While commenting on a video of first kisses between virgin couples, he admitted that his first kiss may have been bad, but things were certainly put into a whole new perspective after viewing TLC's Virgin Diaries clip. So tell us, Harry, what was so bad about it in the first place?

Misery loves company, so why don't you help out the Shadowhunters cast by sharing the story of your awkward first kiss

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