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Once upon a time in San Francisco, there was a teenage girl named Mia Thermopolis who lives with her artist mother, Helen, in a remodeled firehouse. She was an unpopular, bashful and somewhat awkward girl who wanted nothing but to be "invisible." Mia seems to have a monotonous life until her paternal grandmother, Queen Clarisse of Genovia visited her, causing a sudden turn of events in her life.

And in celebration of its 15th anniversary, here are 10 of the unforgettable moments from the royal comedy film you loved before.

The Princess Diaries is a 2001 comedy film produced by Whitney Houston, directed by Garry Marshall and based on Meg Cabot's 2000 novel of the same name. Anne Hathaway (in her film debut) stars as Mia Thermopolis, a teenager who stumbles on the truth that she is the next heir to throne of the fictional kingdom, Genovia. Her grandmother, Queen Dowager Clarisse, played by Julie Andrews, is currently ruling the kingdom and soon will pass on the sovereign power to her only granddaughter, Mia.

In shock of her own destiny, Mia felt hesitant at first but with the help of Helen, Queen Clarisse and her friends, she learned to manage her responsibilities, accept her fate and take on the role as the Genovian Princess.

1. Mia Meets Her Grandma!

Upon hearing that her grandmother is set to visit her, Mia goes out to meet her in a large house, later revealed to be the Genovian consulate. It is during their very first encounter that Queen Clarisse reveals Mia's destiny as the next Crown Princess of Genovia.

2. Princess Lessons

From proper sitting to waving, and dancing to table manners, it was not only a good way to depict Mia's transformation to Princess of Genovia, but Anne Hathway's sense of humor and Julie Andrews's punctual recognition were a great source of entertainment.

3. The Royal Makeover

Probably the most unforgettable moment from the movie is Mia's grand makeover. From a geeky-looking girl with huge glasses and braces, she transforms into a young and confident woman who is not afraid to show the world who she really is. You go girl!

4. Stumbling At The State Dinner

In preparation for the Genovian Independence Day Ball, Mia attended a state dinner and instead of impressing fellow Genovians with her punctuality, she ended up embarrassing herself with her clumsiness, causing her rivals to the crown to rejoice with glee. However, a diplomat found the situation funny and amusing and Queen Clarisse eventually told Mia that she, too, found it hilarious and fun.

5. The Beach Party Gone Wrong

When Josh Bryant, Mia's longtime crush, invited her to a beach party, not all goes as planned. Instead of it being a magical moment, Mia and Josh are ambushed by paparazzi. Josh even takes advantage of the situation and kisses Mia in public. Lana's friends offer to help, but instead end up tricking her into changing in a tent, at which point the press arrives, allowing the paparazzi to take images of her in a towel.

6. Mia And Lily's Friendship Goals!

Mia and Lily give us some serious best friend goals. They have a lot of great and touching moments — from riding a scooter on the way to school to having a friendship necklace and bracelet. Though among all of their shared memories, one particular scene is far more unforgettable than the others.

After Mia accepts Josh Bryant's offer at a beach party, she unintentionally forgets that she already accepted her best friend's offer to appear on her self-made cable show. And aside from hurting Lily's feelings, Mia, too, promises her brother, Michael, that she will go out to watch his band perform.

With much being said, despite Mia hurting Lily's feelings for not showing up to her own cable show, Lily still ends up forgiving her best friend. Talking about friendship goals!

7. A Date With Grandmother

After deciding to hang out together, Queen Clarisse allows Mia to take her out in Mia's late-'60s convertible Ford Mustang — what she refers as her baby — for the day to the Musée Mécanique, an amusement arcade. The day almost ends badly when Mia's car gives out on a hill and plunges backward into a cable car. Fortunately, Queen Clarisse was able to save the day by "appointing" the attending police officer and the tram driver to the Genovian "Order of the Rose," an order she just made up on the spot.

8. Lana, Anna And Fontana's 'Stupid Cupid' Performance

While Mia is having a blast with Josh Bryant, Lana (played by Mandy Moore), Anna and Fontana stole the scene with their heart-pumping beach performance as they sing one of The Princess Diaries' hit songs "Stupid Cupid".

9. A Letter Of Inspiration From Mia's Father

After Queen Clarisse apologizes to Mia from being furious about the beach party incident, she tells Mia that she needs to publicly announce her decision to become the Princess of Genovia. Mia is terrified and even plans to run away. Fortunately, she finds a letter from her late father and his touching words make her change her mind.

10. The Genovian Independence Day Ball

Despite being drenched and untidy after her car broke down on her way to the ball, Mia announces she will accept her duties as Princess of Genovia. Mia then get dressed and joins Queen Clarrise in the ballroom where she is formally introduced and invited to dance.

And what better way to end the movie than Mia sharing her first kiss with Michael, Lily's brother, beside a fountain while being surrounded by lovely flowers and glowing lights.

The Princess Diaries is set to celebrate its 15th anniversary since its release in August 3, 2001. Its sequel The Princess Diaries: Royal Engagement was released three years after the first with Chris Pine joining the recurring cast.

Rumors about The Princess Diaries 3 even circled around, stating that Disney is working on the third installment. However, according to Huffington Post, an unnamed source revealed that Disney isn't developing a third Princess Diaries movie and Anne Hathaway may or may not be a part of the upcoming sequel anymore.

There is no any confirmation about the said sequel, but considering the ending of The Princess Diaries: Royal Engagement, it would probably be better if Disney work on a reboot rather than a sequel.

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What do you think are the most unforgettable moments from The Princess Diaries?


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