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(Warning: The following contains mild SPOILERS for previously released Marvel Studios movies and Marvel-themed Netflix shows. Proceed with whatever level of caution that suggests to you is wise...)

Now, with Marvel and Netflix's Luke Cage set to hit our screens in just a few months time, and debut series for both The Punisher and the ever-controversial Iron Fist very much on the way, Netflix's Marvel-themed output is hardly lacking in new entrants. That being said, though, there may not actually be all that many options lying behind the current crop of debutants - making Netflix's plans for 2019 or so a little more difficult to gauge.

With that in mind, then, it seemed about time to take a look at...

Five Marvel Movie Stars Who Could Be Heading To Netflix In The Near Future

Daredevil didn't see any of them coming... [Marvel/Netflix]
Daredevil didn't see any of them coming... [Marvel/Netflix]

After all, nothing says 'profitable connectivity' quite like dropping down a hero or two that can't quite support their own solo series to the 'minor leagues' of Netflix. Not everyone is destined for Major League MCU glory, after all...

First up, then?

5. Cobie Smulders, a.k.a. Maria Hill

A.k.a. S.H.I.E.L.D. Bad-Ass No. 1 [Marvel Studios]
A.k.a. S.H.I.E.L.D. Bad-Ass No. 1 [Marvel Studios]

Now, with Cobie Smulders having already had a whole lot of success on the small screen with How I Met Your Mother, there's no guarantee that she'd be interested in stepping back from her burgeoning movie career just yet - but if she were, then a Maria Hill series could be seriously interesting. After all, the comic-book Hill is far more of an anti-heroic (and often borderline villainous) figure than in the MCU, making a show centered on her adventures a distinctly intriguing prospect. A behind the scenes look at the moral compromises of the MCU's intelligence services, perhaps - or at the fallout from the Sokovia Accords?

The Pitch: The West Wing meets The Wire... with more explosions.

4. Don Cheadle, a.k.a. War Machine

Robert Downey Jr. not included... [Marvel Studios]
Robert Downey Jr. not included... [Marvel Studios]

With Cheadle's long-running Showtime series House of Lies having recently been announced to be ending, it's actually entirely possible that the acclaimed actor would be interested in another steady gig to replace it. What's more, with James 'War Machine' Rhodes having recently been paralyzed in Captain America: Civil War, the groundwork for a Rocky-like superhero comeback story/mystery adventure has already very much been laid.

The Pitch: Person of Interest meets Murderball... with more explosions.

3. Hayley Atwell, a.k.a. Peggy Carter

Who has precisely no more craps to give... [Marvel Studios]
Who has precisely no more craps to give... [Marvel Studios]

Now, while Peggy Carter's televised adventures may have apparently come to an end with Agent Carter season two, that doesn't mean we're necessarily through with Ms. Carter just yet. After all, Atwell has long argued in favor of a continuation of the fan-favorite character's story - making a Netflix mini-series all the more promising a prospect. A tale of Peggy's actual founding of S.H.I.E.L.D. perhaps?

The Pitch: Mad Men meets The X-Files... with more explosions.

2. Anthony Mackie, a.k.a. The Falcon

A sidekick no longer? [Marvel Studios]
A sidekick no longer? [Marvel Studios]

Another actor who would perhaps be reluctant to trade in a movie career for the more steady life of a Netflix actor, Anthony Mackie could perhaps be lured to the streaming service by the promise of a genuinely meaty role. After all, the acclaimed theater actor's role in the MCU looks likely to be limited to a supporting one for the foreseeable future. A Falcon mini-series, though - perhaps featuring Mackie's Sam Wilson revisiting his military past, and the moral complexities of the war on terror - could give him the starring role his acting chops deserve. Hopefully with enough jokes to showcase his comedic talents, too.

The Pitch: Zero Dark Thirty meets M*A*S*H... with more explosions.

1. Jeremy Renner, a.k.a. Hawkeye

Would Netflix viewers fall for Hawkeye? [Marvel Studios]
Would Netflix viewers fall for Hawkeye? [Marvel Studios]

Now, I've argued elsewhere that Jeremy Renner's Hawkeye would perhaps be best served exchanging the big screen MCU for a Netflix series of his very own, and... well, I stand by that argument. With the comic-book Hawkeye's vaguely misanthropic snarkiness (and general inability to function as a grown adult) having largely been ignored by the MCU up till now, there's surely an opening for a solo series that could redress the balance. Could Hawkeye's new life on the run - following the events of Captain America: Civil War - cause a few marriage problems, perhaps... and lead to him meeting a certain fan-beloved teenaged protegee?

The Pitch: It's the legendary comic-book Hawkeye by Matt Fraction and David Aja, only on Netflix. With the same number of explosions.

The big question now, though?

What do YOU reckon?


Which Marvel movie hero would you most like to see get their own Netflix series?


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