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Most of us grew up with Disney princesses, and fell in love with their decadent ballgowns and styles. But what would the princesses look like in their own time period? Deviantart creator Shoomlah sets out to answer this question with her series of designs! She does admit that her drawings need updating based on new research and understanding, they are incredibly fun to look at! Imagine how different the Disney princess merchandise would look in these outfits!

1780s/90s Belle, Beauty and the Beast

Belle isn't the girl from some 'poor' provincial town anymore!

1920s Tiana, Princess and the Frog

Diana definitely dug a little deeper and found her dancing spirit.

1830s/40s Elsa, Frozen

This Elsa certainly let it all go, with this stunning dress.

Ancient Greece, Megara, Hercules

Ok not technically a Disney princess, but come on, this outfit goes the distance!

Mulan, Mulan

Shoomlah had a bit of trouble nailing down Mulan's exact time period. The pend of Mulan comes from the Wei Dynasty, but the Hun attacks appeared throughout the Western Han Dynasty and the Ming Dynasty. There was also the problem of the Hanfu fashion throughout the film being linked to the Jin Dynasty. Nevertheless she still brought honour to the character of Mulan in this stunning recreation!

Shoomlah is also planning on starting a Disney villain collection. She's already done a fantastic Maleficent, based on the mid-1400s.

Which Disney character would you like to see redesigned in their historically accurate robes?


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