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"Shame, shame" *ding* *ding* - so said perhaps the most punchable woman in all of Westeros. For two seasons we watched Hannah Waddingham's Septa Unella dish out nude walks, bible studies and ladle bashes, managing to outlive your standard Thrones background villain.

Season Six's bloody finale was bitter-sweet, leaving the shamed shame nun at the mercy of Cersei Lannister's zombified bodyguard. By some small miracle Septa Unella could return next season, but we are guessing she is already Mountain meat by now. For those scratching their heads at where we have seem everyone's most hated nun before, it turns out quite a few places. The 41-year-old is an impressive 5ft 11in, dwarfed on the show only by Gwendoline Christie's Brienne the Beauty, commanding quite the screen presence, so why does no one recognise the woman behind the habit? From low-key TV work to Les Miserables, Waddingham is a true Jaqen H'ghar and here are some of her many faces!

Her Own Single - 2000

Wadidngham's single "Our Kind of Love" debuted in 2000, despite an impressive voice, she only managed #41 in the UK charts - ouch!

My Hero - 2003

Moving into television, Zany British superhero comedy My Hero featured Waddingham in the episode "Time and Time Again."

My Hero (Again) -2006

She was back to My Hero in 2006, this time to play a female clone of the titular Thermowoman (Ardal O'Hanlon).

Spamalot - 2006

Starting in London's West End, Waddingham starred as the Lady in the Lake for Monty Python's Spamalot. Receiving a Olivier Award nomination for the role, she then carried on to play it over the pond on Broadway.

How to Lose Friends and Alienate People - 2008

The star-studded comedy, about Simon Pegg joining an affluent New York magazine added Waddingham to its cast as Elizabeth Maddox.

Into The Woods - 2011

About as unreconizable as when she is Septa Unella, she played the Witch in London's open-air version of Into the Woods.

The Wizard of Oz - 2011

Originating The Wicked Witch of the West in London's The Wizard of Oz in 2011, Waddingham left the role later that year to be replaced by her understudy. Nevertheless she still won the Theatergoers Choice Award for Best Supporting Actress in a Musical.

Kiss Me, Kate - 2012

Waddignham played Lilli Vanessi in the 2012 Old Vic version of Kiss Me, Kate, which follows a musical theatre production of William Shakespeare's The Taming of the Shrew. She once again was nominated of an Olivier Award!

Les Misérables - 2012

Channeling the look of Peep Show's Olivia Coleman, Waddingham starred alongside Anne Hathaway as a factory worker in the French period drama.

Benidorm - 2014

As gobby matriarch Tonya Dyke, she couldn't be further from her Thrones days of grey habits. Waddingham was all fake tan and bikinis for ITV's trashy comedy.

Meet Pursuit Delange - 2016

Indie comedy Meet Pursuit Delange follows three school friends who are forced to live together in a groundsman hut. Waddingham slipped on (yet another) blonde wig for the role.

Game of Thrones (Obviously) - 2015/2016 R.I.P?

When first filming her scenes in Croatia, Waddingham too her 10-week-old baby and even posed in front of the Iron Throne in full costume. Playing Septa Unella she quickly became one of the most hated characters on the show - somewhere in between Joffrey and Alliser Thorne!

So, it looks like a girl has a name, and that name is Hannah Waddingham! From bombing single releases, to Broadway, Benidorm and bells, someone needs to get this woman more parts. Once described as the "Joanna Lumley of musical theatre", Waddingham certainly has the pipes for a GoT musical *hint*, but in the meantime, for those of you wanting to honour the (late) Septa Unella, these guys have the perfect way.

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