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Twitter tends to turn the best of us into the worst versions of ourselves, at least grammatically speaking. This past week, Twitter went on kind of a low-key rampage/depression as the creators of the popular Adult Swim cartoon, Rick and Morty, revealed some potentially disheartening information regarding the show's highly anticipated Season 3 return - at least, that's how fans interpreted it.

The tweet, posted from the official Rick and Morty account, sent fans into a tizzy in June. Most fans have taken it as meaning the series will not premiere in late July as originally expected, while others have been led to believe it means the show will be upgrading to hour long episodes instead of their usual half hour segments.

'Rick and Morty' will air its third season in July
'Rick and Morty' will air its third season in July

Personally, I don't think there's anything to worry about. In all honesty, it just appears as if the show is being pushed to a later time slot. After all, that's a pretty common practice for shows, especially ones that run during prime time or late night. Or the tweet may have even been a casual joke tossed around by the creative team to poke fun. In any case, don't be misled by articles that seek to suggest a longer wait time when we don't even have an official release date yet. At the moment, IMDb still has Season 3 listed as premiering on Tuesday, July 26th as scheduled.

Most fans, like myself, don't care how long it takes for Season 3 to arrive, just so long as it does arrive. Creators Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland have promised the third series will be "the best the writers have ever done!" Considering how beloved the first two seasons were, I am supremely stoked for what lies in store when the show returns to TV screens in (presumably) late July. I do certainly hope for another epic showdown between Rick and Zeep Xanflorp, played by the impeccable comedic talent that is Stephen Colbert.

In the Season 2 finale, Mr. Poopy Butthole revealed the return would take a year and a half longer than normal. Hopefully that is not the case — I need something ample to distract me during this excruciatingly long summer. I'm sure we all could use some kind of TV fix to keep us busy while we wait another whole freaking year for Game of Thrones to come back.

Stephen Colbert guest starred on a season 2 episode
Stephen Colbert guest starred on a season 2 episode

Rumored episodes are said to include another rendition of Interdimensional Cable, Evil Morty, and a surprising and or heartbreaking backstory for that of Rick's ex-wife and Morty's grandmother. I wouldn't at all be surprised if the show decided to take it to another super emotional place, especially considering the uber feels episode they left us with for the Season Two finale. In the meantime, you can catch up on season two now streaming on Hulu!

Are you excited for the return of Rick and Morty? Spill your beans in the comments section below!


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