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SPOILER ALERT: If you haven't yet watched this week's episode of Preacher, then turn back now! This contains spoilers and key plot points.

Last week, things were looking pretty fantastic for Jesse. His power was helping him reach out to people, more and more were coming to him for answers, and he was getting mighty comfortable as the big man in town. For everyone else, though, things weren't quite so rosy. Donnie was struggling to cope with being on the receiving end of Preacher's power, Sheriff Root was losing his cool with Eugene, and Tulip and Cassidy were out enjoying a little light self-destruction. Here's the promo for the episode:

Jesse may have been oblivious up until now, but this week, he starts to realize that things aren't as simple as they seem. We get a whole lot of answers, but (as often happens), a whole lot of questions spring up as a result, and Jesse may start the show in physical danger, but he ends it in spiritual peril.

Genesis, Not God

Since the first episode, we've been wondering what, exactly, gives Preacher his power (and exploded so many others). This week, we finally got to find out! Sitting with the angels in the diner, Jesse commands them to tell him what is going on - and the answer is something totally unexpected.

The Angels, Fiore and DeBlanc (whose name we learn in this conversation), give Jesse a little heavenly history lesson. There is an endless war between Heaven and Hell, and at some point in time, an angel and a demon fell in love. The two snuck away, got together, and conceived a child. This child, who is actually the most powerful entity ever known, was kept secret by the angels - until it escaped, and fled into Jesse. Fiore and DeBlanc are clear - this is something top secret, something that should never be used, and something that needs to be brought back to Heaven ASAP. Before they can get to taking it back, though, they are distracted by a blonde woman who comes into the diner.

Heavenly Beat-Down

Blondie heads back to her car, and we wouldn't think anything of her if it wasn't for the angels who run after her - and proceed to beat her in the car park. Jesse, unsurprisingly shocked by this behavior runs out to save her... only to have her nearly choke him to death. He's saved as Fiore shoots her in the head, leaving yet more explaining to do.

As we already found out, Fiore and DeBlanc aren't meant to be down on Earth. They're hunting Genesis before anyone can find out about it, but now it seems that the Heavenly Host are on their tail. They race back to the hotel, explaining along the way about the angelic tendency to reappear after death (reinvigoration), and that the Seraphim are now after them. Blondie-the-seraphim tracks them to the motel, and we are treated to one of the best scenes of the show so far - a battle between people who cannot die, and an incredible fighting preacher.

As the bodies pile up, Cass appears, and with his help, the angels and Preacher are able to subdue the Seraphim (without killing her, which would just result in her coming back to life). They've also definitely lost their damage deposit on that motel room.

Tulip Vs Emily

We already know that Tulip has a little bit of a temper, and this week she's taking it out on Emily. The church organist is home with a sick kid when Tulip bursts in, screaming at her to stay away from "my boyfriend" - a little difficult, seeing as Emily works with Jesse, but Tulip isn't exactly being logical. After breaking a little pottery... thing... Tulip storms out, but Emily isn't taking it sitting down this time. Now Emily is the angry one, as she yells at Tulip for breaking her kid's art project before heading back to the house.

When we hear Tulip banging on the door a second time, you would be forgiven for thinking that there was going to be some more yelling. Instead, Tulip is clearly feeling bad for breaking a kid's artwork, and offers to come in and fix it, leading to a hilariously awkward kitchen table conversation.

The women aren't going to be best friends any time soon, but now that their anger has passed, they end up helping each other out. Tulip offers to stay and watch Emily's kid - an offer that is promptly turned down (with good reason. Emily doesn't trust Tulip further than she could throw her). Emily does accept her help with some of the church errands, though. And along the way, we learn that there is more to Tulip's past than we thought. She's not just good with kids, she had one.

Tattoos And Scars

After the angels, Jesse, and Cass are able to deal with the Seraphim (in case you were wondering, disarticulation is separating the joints of the body...), Fiore and DeBlanc continue to ask Jesse to give Genesis back. Jesse, however, is having none of it. Saying that if God wants it back, he can come and get it, the Preacher commands the angels to stay away from him, and he and Cass head home.

While they wash their blood-splattered clothes, they have an interesting conversation. Now, Jesse knows that Cass was trying to tell him something important. And, having accepted the spiritual supernatural, he may have started to believe Cass's tales of vampirism at the same time (although perhaps not...).

The two trade tattoo stories, revealing a little about Cass's personality, as well as Jesse's relationship with Tulip - which led to a tattoo of a tulip on his shoulder. Beyond the ink (and some impressive scars on Jesse's back), Cass is worried. He thinks that Jesse is getting in too deep, messing around with things that ought not be messed with. Jesse, however, is increasingly drunk with power, and refuses to even entertain the idea that there could be a reason to give Genesis up. He's determined to save the town, no matter the cost.

He's still expressing his concerns as Jesse puts up a megaphone on the front of the church. Surprising as it may be, the drug-addled vampire is making a lot more sense than the preacher these days. But as he encourages Jesse not to go asking for trouble, he finds that he may have landed in some of his own.

Tulip arrives as the church with the items Emily asked her to drop off, and runs into Cass there. (Hands up if you were waiting for this moment!) At first, he thinks that she's back for more, but the two quickly realize who they have in common - and that they should probably not tell Jesse what Cassidy was doing with "his" Tulip. When Jesse comes to find out what Tulip is doing, she hides Cass behind the door - and we're guessing that this will not end well.

The Mayor's Dilemma

At the end of last episode, we saw the newly-holy Odin Quincannon kill a roomful of Greenacre reps with a shotgun - a bloody finale that shocked the viewers as much as it shocked the Mayor of Annville. Now, he's got a secret, and doesn't know what to do. We see Miles ignoring call after call from Greenacre, wondering where their partners are, as he figures out just how to handle this latest Annville bloodbath. He goes to Preacher, who tells him to pray for answers, but claims that he can't hear God when he prays. He doesn't know which is the lesser of two evils.

Preacher can't help him, either. He's going through his own confusion about the right thing to do, and loses patience with Miles. We get the feeling that Miles's confusion is hitting a nerve.

Eugene's Forgiveness

Throughout the episode, we see Eugene's life changed by Preacher's actions. At school, his locker still has "die" scratched into it, even his lunchroom seat is defaced... but kids are talking to him. It seems like people are actually starting to forgive him. A group of kids even asks him to hang out with them after school. And even though we spend the entire time expecting them to do something, to torture him, to reveal that it was all a prank... they don't. They just want to hang out, let off fireworks. It seems that Eugene has found forgiveness.

The problem is, he doesn't want it. Not like this. By the end of the episode, Jesse is a little hesitant, even asking Emily "this is good, right?". He can tell that she doesn't approve of some of the things he's been doing, and her disapproval on top of Cassidy's has got to him.

To top it all off, Eugene comes to tell him that he thinks what Preacher is doing is wrong. Eugene asks him to "take it back", to say that he doesn't want forgiveness if it is forced - revealing that people can tell that Jesse is somehow forcing people to do what he commands. When Eugene tells him that Jesse is "cheating", Jesse loses his temper. He gives a speech about God's will, saying that he intends to save the town, but when Eugene reminds him that it's choosing to be saved that is important, and that Preacher can't just force people to make that choice, he snaps. He yells at Eugene, forgetting his power for a moment as he tells Eugene to "go to hell"... and Eugene is gone.

In the final moments of the episode, we see the Mayor standing next to the burnt out husk of the Greenacres van, on the phone to the company. It seems that he's made his decision: to tell everyone that there was a tragic accident, and keep Odin Quincannon's secret.

Questions We Want Answered

  • Does Jesse's Power Work on All Angels? We learned that Jesse can command Fiore and DeBlanc using Genesis, but it seems that he can't command the Seraphim. Otherwise, why bother with a long (if amazing) fight scene, when he could have simply forced her to sit still? He could have been persuaded to keep it secret, or it may simply not work. Although Genesis works on vamps and low-level angels, it may not work on the higher ups...
  • What is the "other option"? When Jesse leaves Fiore and DeBlanc at the mother, Fiore says "of course, there is the other option", and is immediately shot down by DeBlanc. So what other option is this?!
  • Did Tulip and Jesse have a child? When Tulip revealed that she used to have a child, it got everyone wondering... where is this child now? Does this have something to do with Carlos? Is the child dead? Was it Jesse's child?
  • What's the blue golf club? When Tulip is at the church, she finds a blue golf club in the closet, and makes a point of showing it to Jesse, saying "you kept this". Clearly it has some significance to their past, but we don't know what yet.

What's Next? Episode 7: He Gone

Next week, Jesse is dealing with the fall out from his fight with Eugene. Eugene's gone, and most disturbingly of all, Preacher doesn't actually seem that concerned about it. He seems more bothered by the idea that Cassidy would know anything about Tulip, from the looks of the trailer. Cass, meanwhile, continues to worry about the effect that Genesis is having on Jesse, and about whether what he's doing is right. It also looks like we'll get a little more of an idea about what Quincannon has been up to, as he attempts to set things right.

The next episode of Preacher is on AMC, Sunday July 10th.


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