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On July 4th, filming has officially begun on Thor: Ragnarok. This will be the third film in the Thor saga in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. What makes this movie interesting is the role it will play in the MCU. Kevin Feige, who runs Marvel Studios, has said that Ragnarok will be a very important movie in the franchise. It will have key elements that will play into the two part Avengers: Infinity War (which will have name changes), so this is a movie worth keeping an eye out for.

Thor's Look Is Different

Since it was only the first day of filming, it is really hard to say what they have shot. However, there are some interesting behind-the-scene pictures that have come online. Some of them include a short-haired Chris Hemsworth, who plays Thor. This is interesting because there have been rumors that Thor will lose his traditionally long hair in a key moment of the film. They could be shooting these scenes first so Hemsworth can film all of his long-haired scenes later.

The Hulk Is There

Mark Ruffalo is also there on the first day. Ruffalo is the newest addition, as he brings his character Bruce Banner/The Incredible Hulk into the Thor franchise. No one knows how much Banner or his alter ego are in the movie, but it's reason to say he will be an important part. Also interesting to note is that he also has shorter hair. His version of Banner has also sported shaggier hair, so it will be interesting to see if this is a story element or just them doing something different with Banner.

Mark Ruffalo via Spike Neumann's Facebook post
Mark Ruffalo via Spike Neumann's Facebook post

The Set

Some set designs have been shown. The movie is being filmed in Australia and is the first MCU film to not be extensively filmed within North America or the United Kingdom. Will this film take advantage of Australia's unique landscape? That's yet to be seen, but definitely shouldn't be ruled out. These sets do have echoes of the Middle Earth saga. Either way, Thor: Ragnarok will turn out to be an interesting film. Eyes will certainly be on this film as filming continues and more actors come to set.

What do you want to see happen in Thor: Ragnarok?