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Over the last two months, The Walking Dead comic readers have been treated to the backstory of the villainous Negan in a 12-part comic series titled Here's Negan. The series is being released four pages at a time inside issues of Image+ magazine, and so far readers have eagerly snatched up the first three parts.

With 36 pages still to go in the story we still have a lot to learn about how Negan became the Big Bad he is, but already fans all over the internet are theorizing about how one very important part of Negan's post-apocalypse identity came to be, or at least got her name.

Negan and Lucille in the Season 6 finale [AMC]
Negan and Lucille in the Season 6 finale [AMC]

By now fans of both the comic series and the TV series will be familiar with Negan's preferred weapon, a barbed wire-covered baseball bat which he calls Lucille. In the comic series he's rarely seen without Lucille, and treats the bat more like a woman (hence the name), than a weapon.

Because of Negan's attachment to Lucille, it's got many thinking that she must have been named after an important figured in Negan's pre-apocalypse life, and now that Here's Negan has been released we might finally know who.

Negan talking about Lucille in Issue 105 [Skybound]
Negan talking about Lucille in Issue 105 [Skybound]

In the first issue of Here's Negan it was revealed that pre-apocalypse Negan was a hard ass gym teacher or coach. We also learned that he had a wife, who in the second issue was diagnosed with cancer. Sadly in the third issue, after spending a happy few months together, Negan's wife was in hospital and close to death when the apocalypse began.

Throughout the series so far we've seen hints of the Negan we know from the comics - he's mean to his students and even has an affair, however we've also got to know see how deeply he cares for and loves his wife. We even see how terrified he is at the prospect of losing her. Given how much he cares for his wife — whose name has not yet been revealed — surely in his twisted mind naming his weapon of choice after her would seem like the perfect tribute. Right?

With nine installments left in Here's Negan it seems as though we can definitely look forward to seeing this fan theory approved or disproved, and also get a look into how Negan formed, or took over leadership of, the Saviors gang. The next four pages will be made available in the July issue of Image+ magazine.


Do you think Lucille was named after Negan's dead wife?


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