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Ever since her introduction in Season 1 of Arrow, Sara Lance has been one of the most interesting characters in the DCTV multiverse. Driven by a heroic origin story to rival even Oliver Queen's, Sara trained with the League of Assassins to become a formidable vigilante. Calling herself Black Canary, Sara was an important member of Team Arrow.

But Sara isn't just important within the realm of fiction — as DC's first openly bisexual character on television, Sara is a trailblazer of sorts for the LGBT community, and her relationship with Nyssa in Arrow chimed with many fans. After recovering from the small hiccup of her death (far from a terminal diagnosis in superhero stories), Sara is back and busting bad guys in Legends of Tomorrow.

Sara is one of the strongest characters in Legends of Tomorrow Season 1, as she overcomes her bloodlust and reforges her heroic identity as the White Canary. Although she didn't have a long running relationship, the Legends writers made Sara's bisexuality very clear, as she had a fleeting romance with a nurse from the 1950s, while her sexual chemistry with one Leonard Snart provided us with plenty of intrigue. Season 2 seems set to continue this thread, developing Sara's character more as she finds a new paramour, as Caity Lotz revealed to Moviefone.

"I think Sara might get a new girlfriend!"
"Let's get weird in the seventies" — Sara in S1.
"Let's get weird in the seventies" — Sara in S1.

Giving Sara a consistent romance is an interesting next step in her character development, and we can't wait to see how it plays out. But who should be the one to woo the White Canary?

A New Romance

While we could see the return of one of Sara's lost loves (and we'll get to those in a bit), it seems most likely that Legends of Tomorrow will see a new character enter the fore to flirt with Sara. Without even dipping into DC's vast library of comics, there are already two possible candidates for Sara's heart among Season 2's new recruits.

One of these is Vixen, but not the one you know. The ancestor of Mari McCabe — who has her own animated show, Vixen, and appeared in Arrow — will board the Waverider in Season 2.

We're going to get a new Vixen in Season 2.
We're going to get a new Vixen in Season 2.

Granted, we don't know much about this woman yet, but it's a good bet that she'll be suitably heroic. In the comics, the mantle of the Vixen is passed down the family line, with different generations taking up the totem of Anansi to protect their people. Seeing a Vixen from another time try to integrate with the Legends will be really interesting, and who knows — maybe she and Sara will hit it off right away.

The other option from the new cast is a totally new character, an African American paratrooper from the 1950s. In the casting call, we were told that this woman blames herself for the death of a fallen teammate, for whom she had romantic feelings. Sara's definitely got some life experience in this department, and maybe while she helps this new character work through her grief, the two could fall in love.

Sara in the 'Legends of Tomorrow' finale.
Sara in the 'Legends of Tomorrow' finale.

Of course, when we look beyond the cast for Legends of Tomorrow Season 2 there are a plethora of queer female characters from the DC comics — personally, I'd like to see Sara with Renee Montoya. So the options are pretty broad. But what if we've already met Sara's new girlfriend already?

Return Of A Lost Love

Forget Oliver Queen — in many fans' minds the great love of Sara's life is Nyssa al Ghul. The two have something of an epic love story. Nyssa was the one to save Sara after the second boat incident (basically, if you're a character in Arrow you should just never get on a boat), and they fell in love as Sara trained with the League of Assassins, though eventually she returned to Star City.

Interestingly, Legends of Tomorrow revealed that Sara actually told Ra's al Ghul to send his daughter Nyssa out into the Atlantic, thus putting the wheels in motion for Nyssa and her past self to fall in love. Nyssa made a small cameo in Legends later on, as Sara visited her lover.

Despite having one of the most interesting relationships in Arrow, we barely got to see any of Nyssa and Sara's love story onscreen — most of it fell under the"'tell not show" banner, which is aggravating. It could be that this is about to change though. Just after she dropped the hint about Sara's new girlfriend, Caity Lotz also mentioned that Nyssa's actress Katrina Law specifically made room in her new show contract so she could appear on Legends Season 2. So here's hoping!

And of course there's Lindsey, the nurse from the 1950s with whom Sara had an endearingly romantic fling. The two had an excellent dynamic, and it would be great to see this character return.

Ultimately though, it's fantastic to know that the Legends writers are continuing Sara's story in an interesting way, establishing her bisexuality and giving her a new romance to develop her character. And then of course there's Snart's inevitable return, which will probably cause all kinds of trouble for the Legends in Season 2. We can't wait to see how it all plays out!

Who do you think Sara should date in Season 2?

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