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To avoid fainting, keep repeating 'It's only a movie...It's only a movie...'
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Scary Movie may have been a mere spoof of the slasher horrors which came before it, but 16 years later, the comedy is still strong (and the cast still look great!). Even if you're no longer a teenager sniggering every time blazed Ghostface waves a blunt in the air, the gleeful relentlessness of Scary Movie is still charming, and the attention to detail, in particular, is pretty satisfying. Did you notice all of these little details in Scary Movie?

1. The Following Preview...

The regular board of classification screen pops up at the start of Scary Movie, but has been altered to read:

''When Ray and Brenda are in the movie theatre, the preview screen reads: "The following 'Peeview' has been 'assproved' for immature audiences only. If you can read this you are too close. Pee Pee Poopy Boogers Farts Butthole. Rated I for Immature. We thought it would be funny to put this here. Kiss our asses and take it off pause."

2. Gym Class Über Alles

Did you notice that Cindy's pervy gym teacher, Miss Mann, has a Nazi uniform hanging up in her office?

3. They Killed Kenny!

Kenny in Scream (1996, Image: Dimension Films) and Scary Movie (2000)
Kenny in Scream (1996, Image: Dimension Films) and Scary Movie (2000)

The Gale Weathers character in Scary Movie, 'Gail Hailstorm', has a cameraman called Kenny. This is the name of Gale Weathers's cameraman in Scream and also a reference to Scary Movie's cinematographer, Francis Kenny.

4. Wordplay

Almost all of the brand names in Scary Movie have been altered somehow. Coke is spelt Toke, for example, which fits with the stoner silliness of the film. The condom machines at the theater say things like 'can't feel shit'.

5. Celeb Cameo

James Van Der Beek pops up at the window when Cindy and Bobby are about to ''have a little bump-bump.'' Obviously, he played the titular character of Dawson's Creek, and the theme tune to the show — Paula Cole's 'I Don't Want To Wait' — plays during this Scary Movie scene.

Did you notice anything in Scary Movie that's still funny 16 years later?

Source: IMDb, Youtube. All Images: Miramax Films


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