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When Jenny Slate hit the red carpet at the premier of her animated movie, The Secret Life of Pets, in June with her new beau in tow — a certain Mr. Chris Evans — no doubt you got butterflies on her behalf.

Attending her "first large premiere" with real-life superhero Captain America by her side, the insanely talented 34-year-old actress/comedian/voice artist/author brimmed with down-to-earth excitability, and gushed — as let's be real, we all would — over dating her "dream seventh grade boyfriend."

via Tumblr
via Tumblr

While of course we're all still puppy-eyed (and a little green-eyed) over the new couple, who've only been dating since June following Slate's split with her husband of four years, filmmaker Dean Fleischer-Camp, we're also super excited to see Slate's picture credits gaining some serious momentum because, obviously, she's amazing.

And, for those of you who aren't familiar with her work, here are several projects of hers that are definitely worth checking out:

1. Her Stop-Motion Animation Marcel The Shell With Shoes On

I mean, the title says it all, to be honest. This is a stop-motion animation about a shoe-wearing shell called Marcel who's being interviewed about activities, hobbies, hopes and dashed dreams. Written and voiced by Slate and produced by her former partner, Fleischer-Camp, this little treat bagged the Best Animated Short award at AFI FEST 2010 and the Grand Jury and Audience Awards at the New York International Children's Film Festival, because it's awesome.

2. The Sharp, Feels-Filled Obvious Child

Slate starred as Danna Stern in the fantastic and totally un-obvious Obvious Child, a movie that actually manages to tackle themes of abortion and unwarranted pregnancies with smart sensitivity and, yes, comedy. The film is sharp, self-assured and Slate's performance is absolutely brilliant. Watch it.

3. As Hannah's Professional Nemisis/Friend In HBO's Girls

She may have only had a few cameos in Lena Dunham's HBO series playing Tally — Hannah's college friend who always seemed to have a one-up on her — but the appearances she did have certainly packed in the emotional punches in true Girls style.

4. Voicing The Secretly Evil, Stressed Out Sheep In Zootopia

Lending her voice to Disney's Zootopia, Slate starred as Assistant Mayor Bellwether, the seemingly sweet, equal underdog (to Judy) in a city run by giant, brutal predators — lending yet another reason to watch one of the best animated movies to be released this year.

5. As The 'Twin Sister From The Same Mister' In Parks And Recreation

Playing a "total klepto, nympho, and pyro," Slate appears in seven episodes of Parks and Rec as Mona-Lisa Saperstein, the daughter of a successful obstetrician and a bit of a hot mess, constantly begging for cash, napping in the office and popping pills like they're hot. What's not to love?

Jenny Slate's next project, voicing the protagonist in The Secret Life of Pets, hits theaters nationwide this Friday. Check out the trailer below:

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