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It's the question we've all asked at least once in our lives: "Who would win? This guy or this guy?" and for a long time it seemed like we'd never get answers. That is, until recent years, with many comics, movies, TV shows, and more showing battles between our favorite heroes and finally settling those debates we've had with our friends. I figured it was time that I gave my own personal picks for the best of these fights. These picks range from movies, TV shows, and video games. The only rule I have for this list is that these fights have to have at least one hero against another hero and I will allow heroes gone rogue.


6. Clark Kent Vs. Dark Superman (Superman III)

Superman III is a bad movie filled with horrible jokes, Richard Pryor who definitely didn't belong, and just not that interesting of a story or villain. However, if there is one thing that I absolutely love about the movie it is when Superman has been affected by a man-made kryptonite and becomes a dark and sickly Superman. This leads to an inner struggle between the Clark Kent we know and love and the new Dark Superman. This struggle is just awesome from beginning to end thanks to great acting on the great and late Christopher Reeves' part, a surprisingly haunting score, and pretty great tricks to make it look like the actor is fighting himself. Honestly, this scene makes the movie worth watching, if only just to see this confrontation (or you can go onto YouTube and watch the entire fight there, which works too). Since this was the first time we've ever seen a hero fight a hero in live-action I felt it was necessary to give this scene the credit that it is due.

5. The Flash Vs. Green Arrow (The Flash/Arrow Crossover)

At first I didn't really care about this fight since it just felt like CW's way of cashing in on Batman V Superman's hype. Then the fight actually happened and I'll admit it was pretty freaking sweet to see these two going at it. This was one of the best things to come out of Season 3 of Arrow.

Both Stephen Amell and Grant Gustin are the best things about both their shows and seeing them clash is pretty fantastic, especially when done so well. After all, it is a television show and they are limited with what they can pull off. While the fight doesn't go the way I would imagine, with Flash completely demolishing Green Arrow in seconds, I still enjoyed what they did with the fight — great choreography, some great stunts, and some fun little jabs at fanboys like myself who debate these things.

4. Earth-1 Superman Vs. Earth-2's Regime (Injustice: Gods Among Us)

It's Superman fighting himself again. OK this one is quite different since this deals with a parallel universe where Lois Lane was killed by Superman after the Joker drugged him. Superman is now a tyrannical dictator who rules Earth with an iron fist and other heroes and villains at his side. Earth-2's Batman has attempted to fight this Superman by pulling many heroes from Earth-1 to assist but to no avail. As a last resort, Batman brings Earth-1 Superman to Earth-2, which leads to one of the most epic things to come from Superman: He completely dominates the Regime by mostly beating them to a pulp (or talking them down in the case of Yellow Lantern Hal Jordan) until he has the final confrontation with his doppelgänger. The final chapter of Injustice Gods Among Us is pure spectacle.

3. Young Justice Vs. The Justice League (Young Justice Season 1 Finale)

Young Justice had two amazing seasons and both had some of the best finales that I've ever seen on television. While Season 2 is a superior season, Season 1 has the superior finale due to an amazing fight between between the proteges and the heroes they look up to (who are being brainwashed). What's great is that they show that these younger heroes still have no chance to defeat their mentors: Superman pummels Superboy, Batman completely outclasses Robin in every way possible, and it takes a team effort to take one down at a time. Like always, Young Justice knew how to respect fans by giving a fight that fit within the lore of the DC Universe. NOW GIVE US SEASON 3!

2. Captain America and Winter Soldier Vs. Iron Man (Captain America: Civil War)

Originally I was going to put the Airport Battle between Anti- and Pro-Registration parties, but the more I thought about it, I had to put in the ending fight between Steve Rogers, Bucky Barnes and Tony Stark in the Russian base. Captain America has basically fought everybody in the movie by this point and he still has to fight Stark in one epic fistfight so emotionally driven that at times it's kind of hard to watch. But then I remember that Iron Man deserves death by this point so then I go back to cheering for Cap.

1. Batman Vs. Superman (Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice)

Black and blue. Fight night. The greatest gladiator match in the history of the world. God versus man. Day versus night. Son of Krypton versus Bat of Gotham. That's right, this year has given us the ultimate matchup that fans like myself have been debating for years: Batman or Superman, who would in in a fight? Give Batman enough time to prepare and he can waste Superman, but Superman's higher brain function and power can turn Batman into a meat patty if he truly wanted to.

While it's not the longest fight on this list, I find it to be the most satisfying because fans have been wanting this for years and we finally got it, with a stellar Batman portrayed by Ben Affleck and a great modern incarnation of Superman played by Henry Cavill. The fight has both parties deliver their fair share of badass hits on each other (my personal favorite being Superman's tiny tap, which makes Batman go flying back) and the end result of the battle is satisfying in my opinion. With the Ultimate Edition, the Fight of the Century is even better, with a couple of added parts in there just to sweeten the deal even more.

So those are my personal picks of the best superhero brawls. I know not everybody is going to agree and I can understand that, so what were YOUR personal picks? Let me know in the comments down below and I hope you all enjoyed!


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