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Although the Scarlet Speedster will appear next year in Justice League, there is still time before The Flash zooms on the silver screen in his very own movie. Yet that does not stop fans from speculating about the 2018 film. So far the only details about The Flash is that the film will be directed by Dope's Rick Famuyiwa, and that Ezra Miller will play the title character. Aside from these factors, information on this film dwells in the area of rumors and speculation.

The latest circling the movie brings a shape to the film's villain. Last week graphic designer BossLogic created an image of what the cinematic Flash could look like. The artist then followed up on this by created an image of actor Matthew McConaughey as Eobard Thawne a.k.a. Reverse Flash.

Now this content does not guarantee that McConaughey will take up the role of Flash's arch-nemesis, nor does it confirm that Reverse Flash will be the main antagonist in the upcoming movie. However this art piece does present an intriguing development for The Flash. For some time now it has been rumored that McConughey has been in negotiations with both Marvel and DC to play a role in one of the cinematic universes. If the Free State of Jones star were to play the villain in the 2018 film then this could be a solid development for The Flash.

The movie will need a strong principal and this includes having a solid actor playing the film's villain. While McConaughey may be an unconventional choice for the part, it is possible that actor could bring a dynamic element to movie, and it would be a different role for the star. Then again this would only be a factor if Matthew McConaughey were to play the Reverse Flash and if Eobard Thawne is even the antagonist in The Flash.

It may be some time 'til we get more details on The Flash movie so we may be waiting for word on the film's villain is revealed. Although this artwork is just speculation, this update does create a potential scenario for the 2018 blockbuster, and if the film were to go down this route, it may be better for it. Only time will tell if the likes of Matthew McConaghey will be zooming onto the silver screen. So until then all we can do is ponder on this idea and keep gazing at this artwork by BossLogic.

The Flash is set to hit theaters on March 16, 2018.

Which villain do you want to see in The Flash movie?


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