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Rocky Balboa. John Rambo. Barney Ross. If you haven't guessed it by now, I'm talking about the one and only Sylvester Stallone. The stoic actor has had a long and successful career spanning nearly 50 years, and today he's celebrating another milestone: His 70th birthday.

The man who makes most 30-year-olds jealous of his muscles is celebrating hitting the seven decade mark in his life, and amidst all of his films and humanitarian work, he is known mostly for two things: His nearly unintelligible voice and the memes that have spawned from his movies. So in honor of the Italian Stallion's birthday, let's take a look at some of the best memes from the actor's career.

I Give This Meme Two Thumbs Up

This meme surfaced a few years back when someone successfully got rid of the machine gun from a scene in 2008's Rambo, leaving him with only his thumbs up, which can lead to a number of potential memes to make from this. Observe:


Look, no one really wants to remember Stallone constantly shouting "I am the law!" Judge Dredd wasn't one the actor's finer moments. Unless you consider that it resulted in one of the best Stallone memes, wherein the internet compares the faces he makes in Judge Dredd to other — more normal — objects.

Massage: Rambo Style

This meme also surfaced a while back using a different scene from Rambo, in which the titular character grabs an enemy combatant before he can assault a woman and rips the man's throat out. However, for the memes, someone has changed it to make him range from a back doctor to an angry man not appreciating a Christmas gift.

Rambo Potter

To whomever created this meme, we say thank you. This meme originated on Reddit roughly seven months ago, and the creator combined Harry Potter and Stallone to create Rambo Potter, the scariest Hogwarts student that could probably defeat Voldemort without even flicking his wrist.


About three years ago, everyone became obsessed with commenting on Stallone's mom after her plastic surgeries. These comments lead to a variety of memes, ranging from Stallone himself commenting to a frustrated social media fan tired of seeing the mom memes.

Forever Alone

Even with having three wives and five children, audiences love to point out the lack of any solid romantic figure in Stallone's characters' lives aside from ADRIAAAAAAAAN!! From this alone have come some of the best — and punniest —memes yet for the actor.

Did You Understand A Word He Just Said?

You can't deny there hasn't been one point in your life where you've watched a Stallone movie with subtitles on just in case that infamous mumble started happening mid-dialogue. The actor has always been made fun of — and beloved —for his sometimes unintelligible speech, and there have been countless memes stemming from this.

Stallone vs. Chuck Norris

He's got the rockin' hair, the rippin' muscles and the orange beard, and is the only other person aside from Arnold Schwarzenegger that Stallone is compared to: Chuck Norris. The 76-year-old action star has worked with Stallone a few times in recent history, and the two have always been compared when it comes to strength and brute force, and from these comparisons have come many awesome memes.

Check out Sylvester Stallone and Chuck Norris together in this awesome clip from The Expendables 2:


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