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Emily Browne

During her illustrious career, Lady Gaga has ridden alongside a Hells Angels-style motorcycle gang, been (yes been) a motorcycle, and was driven around in Kill Bill's Pussy Wagon. But now she can finally get behind the wheel of her very own, ahem, wagon, as Mother Monster has finally passed her driving test!

Gaga posted these pics to her Instagram account, telling fans that she had finally got her license, after years of driving with an "adult present [...] and a learner's permit".

She went on to share these adorable pics of that successful day, which show her at the DMV and then collapsing in happiness after passing. We know that feel Gaga!

Yas Gaga, slay! Off you go, ride that highway unicorn on the road to love. Now you can drive your way to American Horror Story for Season 7, and perhaps a brand new album

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