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Six seasons down, two more to go, Game of Thrones has become the most talked about television show of all time. With twists and excitement around every turn, no other program has ever generated the multitude of questions and fan theories that surround Game of Thrones. With R+L=J finally coming to fruition, it's likely that a lot of these fan theories will finally be proven right or wrong over the course of the next two years. As if there weren't already enough out there, I'm gonna throw my hat into the ring and give you all one more to ponder. You ready?

Khal Drogo Is Alive!

You heard me, the Great Khal is still alive and well in the Thrones universe. I know what you're thinking, "It's impossible! He was burned to ashes!" Was he? His body might have been taken by the flame at the end of Season 1, but many events over the last five years have led me to believe that his spirit lives on, taking the form of another major player in the Great Game. Every quality and theme of Khal Drogo's character continues to inhabit one of Dany's closest confidants, and each season it's made a little clearer that he hasn't left her side after all. You all know who I'm talking about, right?


That's right! Drogon is the reincarnation of Khal Drogo.

I know it's a stretch, but I think the answer has been right there in front of us since Daenerys emerged from the ashes in Season 1. Her dragons were born in the ashes of Drogo to begin with, and the magic in this series has made it clear that these spiritual transference scenes aren't uncommon. Plus, she literally names the creature, Drogon, after her fallen love. Those are the obvious points, but let's look at the qualities Drogon shown over the years that could prove he's more than just a creature.

1. He's The Strongest Player In The Game

Khal Drogo was revered as one of the greatest and strongest khals in Dothraki history, and Drogon is one of the mightiest beasts in all of the world. We've seen his power and intelligence on several occasions, and nothing has yet to bring him down. It's hard to even think of a time when Drogon appeared to be hurt. An unstoppable force has lived in both of these great warriors, it makes sense that it would be the same spirit.

2. Their Bond Cannot Be Broken

Dany is the mother to three dragons, but she only shares an unbreakable bond with Drogon. She has had issues taming the two smaller dragons, and she has never quite gotten comfortable with them like she has the leader. Time and again, we see moments of true love and trust shared between the two, is it because their bond has already defeated death?


3. Drogon Left Dany To The Dothraki

After the miraculous rescue in Season 5, Dany was seemingly left behind by her great dragon. Not long after he flew away, she was swarmed by an army of Dothraki horseman. It seemed as though Drogon was being disobedient, but now it seems as though he had a plan all along. After spending time with the Dothraki forces, Daenerys now controls their entire army. She needed more skilled warriors in order to take King's Landing, and she now has the loyalty of the Dothraki. I believe this was Drogo's plan from the get-go. He knew the Dothraki better than anyone, and he knew only Dany was powerful enough to lead them. Knowing full well they were on their way, the great dragon left his mother directly in their path. The timing and location is just a little too accurate to be a coincidence. Drogon knew Dany would lead the Dothraki into Westeros, and he left her there to make it happen.

4. Drogo The Protector

Khal Drogo loved Khaleesi and he swore to always protect her. Over the course of the series, Dany has seemed on the verge of her death multiple times, but Drogon always shows up to save the day. Some call this a lazy tactic used by the writers, but I think it's part of a much bigger story. Drogo would never let any harm come to his love, and neither will Drogon.


5. A Khal's Promise

Khal Drogo promised Dany that the two of them would one day sit upon the Iron Throne and rule together. Dothraki keep their promises, and I believe Drogo is continuing this promise even after death. Every move Daenerys has made to ensure her place in King's Landing, Drogon has been vital to making it happen. Gaining armies, defeating enemies, showing power — all of Dany's moves have come with the help of her beloved dragon. Instead of just a loyal pet, this is the action of a lover who is upholding his vows.


There's a lot of evidence here, and I think the next two seasons will show us the true soul of Drogon. Sure, there could just be parallels between the dragon and the lover, but I believe the series is up to something much bigger. I don't think we'll see Drogo in the flesh, but I believe Daenerys will realize that her late husband is far from gone.

What other GoT characters would you like to see revived in Season 7?


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