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Big Bang Theory actress Kaley Cuoco may have gotten herself into some hot water this Fourth of July. The well-known animal lover was away from her beloved canines over the weekend, so she posted a photo of her pups courtesy of her dog watcher to her Instagram, thanking the person for taking care of her dogs.

While the photo wasn't taken by Kaley herself — and was clearly intended to show her and her dog's patriotic pride — it didn't come across that way to some. The internet lost their minds over Kaley's photo saying she was un-American for the post, with some even saying that she's lost them as a fan for good.

The photo showed her three dogs in American flag bandanas sitting on top of an American flag that was sprawled out on the ground. See for yourself:

If you live in America, you know that one cardinal rule for displaying the American flag is to not let it touch the ground. Doing so is considered disrespectful to America and could even lead to being charged with a federal offense! It seems Kaley and her dog watcher forgot this when trying to organize a cheesy 4th of July photo session with the pups and made no effort to display the flag appropriately.

The comments section on the photo started an immediate war of words with some fans claiming it was an honest accident and others saying Kaley hates America. Before things got anymore out of control, Cuoco deleted the photo from her Instagram and has yet to comment on the debacle.

Situations like this can be tough. Celebs are always in the spotlight, and when they make innocent mistakes we regular Joes make everyday, the whole world is watching and ready to burn them at the stake. At the same time, American flag etiquette is very well-known, so it's hard to see how someone could think the display was okay, no matter who they are.

In any event, Kaley has never made herself out to be anything other than a proud working American with a love for animals, and my personal opinion was that the photo was unintentionally disrespectful. She — and her dog watcher — should take this important lesson on how to treat the American flag with respect to heart, and we shouldn't judge her.


Do you think the internet is overreacting over Kaley's photo?

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