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Tom Felton of Harry Potter fame has been cast in the third season of The Flash in a recurring role. His role is Julian Dorn, a fellow forensic scientist for the Central City Police Department and skeptic of Barry Allen. Dorn is a character who does not have a comic book counterpart, but this show has been known to create its own characters for its own mythology such as Harrison Wells. But what if like Wells, he is actually another character in disguise?

What if He's Actually Eobard Thawne?

Eobard Thawne is the infamous Reverse Flash who murdered Barry Allen’s mother. Now we’ve already met Eobard Thawne and he is played by Matt Letscher, but his appearances have been sparse. We do know that he and Barry have had a feud for years, but since Thawne is a time traveler, that could mean anything. So why do I think Felton could be playing Thawne when we’ve already met Thawne (and he's about twenty years older than Felton)? After all, there is a precedent within the comics for this.

Right before The New 52, Geoff Johns, who was writing The Flash comic, introduced the idea that Thawne was so good at time traveling, he could alter age and reverse the clock on his own body. There would be instances in the book where Barry Allen would interact with Thawne and have no idea who he was talking to.

So, who’s to say that Felton could not be Thawne once again messing with Barry? Felton also has the distinctive Thawne family traits, such as blonde hair and blue eyes, which we’ve seen in Letscher and the character of Eddie Thawne played by Rick Cosnett. That certainly cannot be a coincidence as there have been few actors cast on this show with those traits.

This is all speculation of course. There is nothing official to say that this is who Felton is playing, but given the nature of the show, we have reason to believe that there is more to Julian Dorn than being a work colleague of Barry Allen. Whether he turns out to be a younger Reverse Flash or an entirely different character, we will all find out soon enough. Season 3 of The Flash begins in October.


Do you think Tom Felton could be Eobard Thawne?


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